Rep. Scott Perry Reveals the Concerning Info FBI Told Him About Seizure of His Phone

(AP Photo/Marc Levy)

The day after the FBI raid on President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home, the FBI seized the cellphone of Rep. Scott Perry (R-PA) while he was traveling with his family, dropping a warrant on him.


Perry provided more news on the matter to Fox News Brian Kilmeade.

“While that story blew up, I heard from my attorneys, who talked directly to the Department of Justice, who said that I, their client, am not a target of this investigation,” Perry told Kilmeade. “If they would have just contacted my attorney, certainly, we would have provided the information necessary, as required by law. And that would have been the end of it. But they want this spectacle. They want this show. They want the intimidation.”

Exactly. If he’s not the target why did they go to this length? It’s the same thing that we saw with the raid on Trump. As Trump said, “All they had to do was ask.” But instead, they came in with an overbroad warrant as I wrote last night, on a fishing expedition for anything created during his presidency, ripping through his home, even going into Melania’s closet.


Perry also told Newsmax this was the Executive branch improperly impinging upon the actions of the Legislative branch. “The Executive Branch is not allowed to coerce and intimidate the Legislative Branch when it disagrees with their votes or their opinions,” he said.

But there are two possibilities with what Perry said based on the evidence, which also includes the FBI dropping subpoenas on other Pennsylvania lawmakers, reportedly regarding the effort involving an alternate slate of electors.

One, he’s not a target yet, but still could be, depending on what evidence they try to pull out of the hat.

The other is that putting together all the facts — the seizure of his phone, the subpoenas on the other lawmakers, and perhaps even the raid on Trump’s home — and that this is about trying to hook up Trump and/or some higher Trump people over the alternate slate of electors question and/or other January 6 stuff. The alternate slate of electors seems a highly dubious subject with which to go after people since there is precedent for having that in history, as I noted.


But one would have to be sleeping under a rock if one didn’t think that they might be looking for anything they could find during the raid on Trump that might help the Jan. 6 persecution effort.

The FBI is not commenting on the Perry matter.

“I think that they’re scared to death that President Donald Trump is going to come back in 2024 and win reelection,” Perry said. “And they’re going to do every single thing that they can to make sure that doesn’t happen, including make up some kind of charges from the National Archives.”

That’s about the size of it.


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