Salman Rushdie Attacker Identified, as IRGC Makes Threat Against Trump, Bolton

(Chris Young/The Canadian Press via AP, File)

As we reported earlier, author Salman Rushdie was stabbed on Friday morning in Chautauqua, New York where he was about to give a lecture. He was on stage when a man dressed in black rushed onto the stage and began stabbing and beating him.


That man has now been identified as Hadi Matar, 24, of Fairview, New Jersey.

He was taken down by people in the audience and then arrested.

His Facebook had a lot of Iranian connections with pictures of the Ayatollah and Qasem Soleimani. According to the NY Post, Matar made posts in support of Iran and its Revolutionary Guard, and in support of Shi’a extremism more broadly.


Rushdie was stabbed in the neck and in the abdomen. He was airlifted to the hospital where he was undergoing surgery.

The doctor who was in the audience and attended to him on the stage, Dr. Martin Haskell, described the wounds as “serious but recoverable,” which is good news.

Event moderator Henry Reese, 73, a co-founder of an organization that offers residencies to writers facing persecution, was also attacked. Reese suffered a facial injury and was treated and released from a hospital, police said. He and Rushdie were due to discuss the United States as a refuge for writers and other artists in exile.

A state trooper and a county sheriff’s deputy were assigned to Rushdie’s lecture, and state police said the trooper made the arrest. But after the attack, some longtime visitors to the center questioned why there wasn’t tighter security for the event, given the decades of threats against Rushdie and a bounty on his head offering more than $3 million for anyone who kills him.


The Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini declared a fatwa in 1989, calling for Rushdie’s death for writing his book, “The Satanic Verses,” which the Ayatollah declared blasphemous. Iran’s present “Supreme Leader” Ayatollah Khameini reminded everyone in 2019 the fatwa was still on.

There is currently a $3.3 million bounty on Rushdie’s head. He went into hiding for years because of it and had security, but in the last several years has been going without security. He said that the only way you defeat terrorism is “by deciding not to be afraid.”

At least 45 people were killed in riots over the book, including 12 people in Rushdie’s hometown of Mumbai. In 1991, a Japanese translator of the book was stabbed to death and an Italian translator survived a knife attack. In 1993, the book’s Norwegian publisher was shot three times and survived.


The IRGC also has acknowledged the attack and threatened both President Donald Trump and John Bolton “even if many years pass.”

The fatwa is older than the attacker.

A couple of days ago, we reported on the charging of Iranian operative who plotted to kill Bolton. IRGC also hates Trump because he took out Qasem Soleimani.


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