Biden Remarks on Inflation Reduction Act Drift off Into Delusion

AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster, File

After Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) joined Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV), signing on board the falsely named Inflation Reduction Act, Joe Biden gave remarks about the bill from the balcony in the White House where he continues isolating due to testing positive for COVID.


It sounded like Biden was trying to take a victory lap but it didn’t go well as he descended into incoherence. He wasn’t giving the remarks from the Executive Office Building with the fake stage and the big teleprompter, so he was having a tougher time trying to figure out what he was supposed to say. He was also wearing sunglasses in the shade of the balcony, so I’m not sure whether that helped or whether it was just about hiding what his eyes look like.

First, Biden stumbled all over the lie that this was the “most important step” they could take to help lower inflation.

This, despite the fact that the assessments have said it is going to do zero ultimately to lower inflation. That’s just a con job. If this is the most important step, they have nothing.

Then, Biden went over the edge here. I’m not even sure what he was trying to say — something about “seven Nobel laureates.” But it was just incomprehensible.


Are those the same Nobel laureates or folks carrying water for the Biden Administration who said inflation would be transitory?

Biden continued down the slide, saying that most Americans were concentrated on paying their bills and helping people do that is “his job.”

“It’s the president’s job, too,” Biden added. It sure sounds like he doesn’t think he’s the president. This is the second day in a row where he didn’t seem to understand who was the president.

But it isn’t the job of the president to help us pay our bills, even though the Democrats want to control every aspect of our lives. The fact that Biden thinks it is, is delusional too. But if it was his job, he should have gotten fired already, because he surely hasn’t made it easier to pay our bills with his bad policies. That’s part of the reason that we have the incredibly high inflation, the high gas prices, and now a recession as well.


So if this bill is going to make inflation come down — as Biden claims — a reporter asked when is that supposed to happen, if this is such a significant step.

But Biden refused to respond to the question. He has no answer since it isn’t going to happen. He wants the credit for doing something but then when it doesn’t do what he claims it will, he’s going to get nailed on the back end.

What a position we are in with this guy in office, not even able to deliver such lies without tripping all over them.


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