Harris Faulkner Lights up Joe Manchin for Not Being Straight About His Bill

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Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) hit the Sunday shows trying to sell the deal that he worked out with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) that they’ve falsely named the “Inflation Reduction Act” but it didn’t go over well.


As we’ve noted, there are two big problems. First, it doesn’t reduce inflation, so that’s deceptive. Indeed, it’s more spending and will cause inflation to go up in the next two years, exactly at the worst point, according to the Penn-Wharton Budget Model (PWBM) . The Wall Street Journal called it an “insult to used car salesmen” to call it the Inflation Reduction Act. They said if they are going to call this the Inflation Reduction Act, can we now agree to call Joe Biden and the Democrats America Rescue Plan from last year the “Inflation Acceleration Act”?

Second, according to sources like the Joint Committee on Taxation, it’s going to raise taxes on virtually everybody. So Joe Biden will be a liar on his tax pledge if he signs this since he claimed there weren’t going to be any new taxes on anyone making under $400,000. Not to mention the increase of 80,000+ new IRS agents. If you don’t think they’re going to be trained on the American people, you haven’t been paying attention.

But Manchin hit some seriously rocky shores when he went of Fox with Harris Faulkner on Tuesday to justify the bill.

He started by saying he was doing this for his “country” because inflation was such a “threat.”


But it doesn’t reduce inflation, so he’s not being straight with the American people, as Faulkner pointed out, raising the PWBM analysis. He used the PWBM on the Build Back Better bill to argue to not pass that one.

Manchin responded, “Let’s say they maybe they’re wrong.” He then says Moody’s says differently. No, Moody’s says there’s virtually nothing.

How about Manchin proves how this does reduce inflation? Because he can’t.

I almost wanted to say “Blink, if you’re being held hostage,” because this is so unlike the person he sold himself to be.


Faulkner said what people see is a senator that they thought was moderate and who might push back on some things not pushing back. That’s when Manchin got a bit angry saying he wasn’t going to “roll over” that he’s been at this for 40 years. But he has rolled over. He kept explaining that this was going to guarantee energy production, but as we’ve said what’s the guarantee that Biden and the Democrats are going to sign aboard his permitting bill if they pass this bill since it’s separate?

Then she went after him on the taxes and he just kept insisting that what everyone else was saying about the taxes going up was just wrong.

She finally asked him about dodging the question of whether he hoped the Democrats kept control of the House and Senate. He claimed he wasn’t dodging the question when he was. Then he continued to dodge whether he wanted the Democrats to win or would support Joe Biden in 2024.


That’s what a real interview should be like, she allowed him to respond but she also confronted him with facts.

Here’s the full interview.



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