Biden Tells Parkland Dad to 'Sit Down' During White House Gun Remarks

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Joe Biden gave remarks at the White House celebrating the new bipartisan gun legislation that has some concerning red flag law provisions. Biden had already signed the bill into law on June 25.


During his remarks, Biden made it clear that yes, he wants to come for your guns.

Biden said he was instrumental in getting assault weapons banned in the past in 1994. What he’s claiming about the result has been called into question. But that’s not stopping him from trying to push the topic again, although his chances of succeeding so far don’t look good. That’s why they had to settle for what they had with this law. As we noted, the assault weapons ban that they had in Highland Park didn’t manage to stop that shooting.

Biden seemed to trip over Kamala Harris’ name, referring to her as the “Vice President Em [and?] Harris,” as he spoke about her.

He also got Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) — who was instrumental in getting the legislation passed — in some trouble with people in Texas and elsewhere by thanking him for the work he did. It’s not making many people on the right happy, so that may come back and bite Cornyn in Texas.


But then, someone in the White House audience was not happy. A man stood up among the people invited to be there and began to shout out at Biden. What he was saying wasn’t clear, though he was seemingly objecting to Biden not going far enough with what he was signing on Monday.

This clip shows the man. “Sit down. You’ll hear what I have to say,” Biden says to him.

The man was a Parkland dad, Manuel Oliver, whose son Joaquin was murdered during the shooting at the Stoneman Douglas school in 2018. Oliver told CNN earlier on Monday that the law being signed wasn’t doing enough. That was who Biden was short with — initially telling him to sit down, but then saying to “let him talk.” But the man had already been quieted and the damage done.

Did Biden not initially know who he was? Or could he just not stop himself? That’s a bad look and that’s likely why Biden then quickly tried to correct it. Normally, when he’s challenged, he will jump down someone’s throat. So maybe for Joe Biden, that was less crazy than it would normally be.


But, on top of that, Biden made a gaffe when he was trying to talk about that very shooting, claiming that it happened in “1918,” rather than 2018, which one has to imagine also must have been off-putting to anyone who was at the event, particularly family members who suffered so much from it.

Just another banner day in the Biden Administration.


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