Kamala's Cringeworthy Take on Ketanji Brown Jackson

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MSNBC host Joy Reid just interviewed Kamala Harris. She shared with The Root that she didn’t think people were giving Harris a fair chance. Harris has dismal approval ratings just like Joe Biden.


For starters, Reid says VP Harris is about as real as they come. People just haven’t had a chance to see that side of her. “She’s just a regular sister in the same way people would always say that Michelle Obama is like if your cousin became First Lady. Kamala Harris is like if your cousin became VP of the United States,” she said. “I think she doesn’t get to show that personality often enough, and so people haven’t had a chance to get to know her,” she said.

But the problem that many — on both sides of the aisle — have with Kamala is that they don’t think she’s as “real as they come.” Indeed, they think she’s often inauthentic. Many on the left have an issue with her because of her past actions as the California attorney general and why they refer to her as “Kamala the Cop” in a negative way.

People on the right are looking at the fact that she’s been delegated jobs including dealing with issues at the border and they don’t see any action that improves the situation. Plus the things that come out of her mouth are often just time-filling word salads that seem to convey no substance.


There’s a clip that’s out from Harris’ interview with Reid that’s right in that vein. Well, it did convey Kamala’s joy. Over and over again. But little else.

Reid asks about the Ketanji Brown Jackson Supreme Court hearings. Reid claimed that Republican senators had treated Jackson with “brazen disrespect.” That took some kind of gall after the way Democrats smeared Justice Brett Kavanaugh and tried to destroy his life with fake rape charges. That’s “disrespect” and he’s still being threatened by people on the left, including a man who went to his house and was trying to kill him because of the hatred pumped up against him. Meanwhile, Republican senators treated Jackson with respect and asked about her decisions — which is what the hearing is supposed to be about.

Harris said she experienced “great joy” when she saw this “brilliant, phenomenal, black woman jurist be so smart.” “As far as I’m concerned, she was taking a whole lot of people to school.” What was she taking people to school on? Because it sure wasn’t on “What is a woman?” Jackson was asked to define what a woman was and she couldn’t/wouldn’t because she wasn’t a “biologist.” How is she going to decide on any case involving women’s rights if she can’t even define what a woman is? Plus, what does this say about a justice who seems to be so locked into leftist ideology that she won’t even provide such a basic definition? Then what does it say about Kamala if she endorses this kind of response? Of course, it’s like a Kamala response in a way — a non-response that skates on the issues.



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