Abandon Hope, All Ye Who Enter Here: Karine Flops on New Disinfo Task Force, Kamala Flails on 'Faith' and Abortion

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As I reported the other day, Kamala Harris was given a new charge by the Biden Administration that sounded like it was something of a re-packaged Disinformation Governance Board, but maybe even worse. They’re calling it an “internet policy task force,” which was authorized by a memorandum from Joe Biden.


The declared purpose is to protect people in public life from online critics and “disinformation, abuse.” Can we say how much that screams censorship?

The panel will hold its first meeting Thursday afternoon. Within 180 days, it will submit to President Biden a blueprint that “outlin[es] a whole-of-government approach to preventing and addressing technology-facilitated gender-based violence, including concrete actions that executive departments, agencies, and offices have committed to take to implement the Task Force’s recommendations.”

Within a year, the board will issue a report with “additional recommendations and actions” advising broader steps that can be taken by internet platforms, state and local governments and schools, the document says.

Notice the intent to control the content on social media platforms yet again, not to mention in governments and schools.

This news caused some consternation as to what they were trying to pull here. Media asked White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre on Friday what the story was with this task force. Why are they trying to police speech, when violent pro-abortion people are firebombing pro-life centers and threatening Supreme Court justices and their families?

Surely Jean-Pierre was able to clean up all this confusion? Well, no, just kidding. When Jean-Pierre was asked, she once again pulled out her staple excuse: I know nothing about what you are asking me, so I can’t give you an answer.


Now, she tells the reporter they’re going to have to ask Kamala’s team. But Harris is acting on a memorandum issued by Joe Biden. It’s part of the briefing material on the White House briefing site. I’ve read it. Why hasn’t she? Isn’t this her job? At some point, the excuse “I don’t know the subject you’re talking about” wears a bit thin and the reporters are already chomping at the bit over it.

But if any of the media asked Kamala about it, they likely wouldn’t get a much better answer from her. The only good thing about Kamala being tasked with this disinformation force is that it’s the equivalent of sending it off to die, since any assignment she gets never gets done. But seriously, they need to be pressed on this, as to what is going on here.

While they’re not willing to reveal what this is all about, Kamala was willing to opine on abortion on Friday, telling reporters that she’s “convened faith leaders”–and the Democratic abortion position didn’t mean you were giving up your faith.


“For those of us of faith, I think that we agree…there’s nothing about this issue [of abortion] that will require anyone to abandon their faith,” she argued.

So please, tell us, Rev. Kamala, which faith leader were you talking to? Who agreed with you on that? Because I don’t know about others, but for sure, there are many faiths that this is very much against, including Catholicism. Where did she become a “faith leader,” telling us what to believe? Don’t tell me what my faith involves, that’s not up to you. Killing babies is against my faith, despite her effort to make it sound just fine and dandy.

We have to be in the Twilight Zone at this point.


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