WH Brings in More Help for Briefing, but It Still Turns Into a Dumpster Fire

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White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre has been having a tough time with her job. And yes, she’s–without argument–not doing very well. But to be honest, how can anyone effectively defend Joe Biden’s actions at this point, because he keeps doing the indefensible? There is no real way to effectively defend the mess, so anyone who tries would have a hard time.


On Tuesday, she said that the American Rescue Plan, one of the things that likely contributed to inflation, helped against inflation ,in a maddeningly wrong comment.

But instead of changing the policies or doing the right thing, the Biden team seems to be employing two different tactics.

The first is cutting short Jean-Pierre’s time at the podium. On Wednesday, it was 13 minutes. Then she booked it out of there.

Her short time answering questions has ticked off even the laissez-faire liberal media, as we’ve reported before. They feel (rightly) that they’re not getting any answers. But the Biden team must be thinking the less time they give, the less the possibility that they get nailed on any subject. Of course, even with 13 minutes they’re still getting nailed and saying silly things like scolding the oil companies to “stop talking about the war,” as an excuse for not producing more, when it’s been Joe Biden blaming Vladimir Putin and the war in Ukraine.

But then they also brought in John Kirby. Kirby used to be the spokesperson for the Pentagon. Some on the left got offended when it was announced that Kirby was going to be brought in to help on some of the White House briefings, because they thought that was showing up Jean-Pierre and that screamed “patriarchy” or something. You may remember how awful Kirby was during the debacle of the withdrawal in Afghanistan and how he virtually never had answers–and worse, when it came to the number of Americans left in Afghanistan.


So, the Biden team, keeping up their sterling record of being wrong about virtually everything, brings him in to help out and then, just as before, he still can’t provide any coherent answers. Fox’s Peter Doocy asked some pretty good questions, including why did they seem to be concentrating on drilling overseas rather than here, and how much more we could deplete the Strategic Petroleum Reserves before it becomes a danger to national security.

Kirby had no answer and said Doocy should ask Biden’s energy advisers. But it’s a national security question, and Kirby is the new National Security Council coordinator for Strategic Communications. How can they not know the answer to the question and properly evaluate the moves being taken to deplete the reserves, if they don’t even know how much is there? The fact that they don’t know seems truly ridiculous–and shows they aren’t taking national security or any future emergency seriously.


Some seemed to think Kirby was marginally better than Jean-Pierre because he didn’t look as much like a deer caught in the headlights, as Jean-Pierre. Maybe.

But that’s not saying that much.


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