Tucker Carlson: Joe Biden Has Made Things a Whole Lot Worse

Tucker Carlson was on fire Tuesday night with a cutting yet humorous take on the problems with which all Americans have to deal compliments of the Biden-Harris regime. He nailed Joe Biden with his Friday night takedown and he wasn’t done yet.


First, he decimated Biden, noting that he wasn’t “simply incompetent,” but he was “the single most destructive force in the history of the United States.” Now, perhaps some might quibble over that superlative, but it’s hard to imagine anyone who could have done as much damage as fast. By basic measures of the health of the country, Biden has failed on every measure, and Carlson notes one story that encapsulates it — a CNBC story that has Americans fleeing down to Mexico to live a “more relaxed and affordable lifestyle in Mexico.”

So, things are so bad in Joe Biden’s America that thousands of Americans are voluntarily moving to a Third World country in the middle of a brutal drug war. Yes, there are human heads littering the side of the road in Acapulco, but at least it’s not Los Angeles.

Darrell Graham works in real estate in Mexico. He says of the people he sells to “at least half are coming down from California… Suddenly the cost of taxes, the crime rates, the politics, all the things that people are unhappy with in California make them want to come down to Mexico.”

Another analyst who studies the trend at the Migration Policy Institute says so many Americans are relocating to Mexico right now that locals are being priced out of their own neighborhoods.

So, it’s mass migration in reverse. It’s pretty amazing.

No matter how bad you thought this administration was going to be, you probably could not have imagined ever caravans of Biden refugees fleeing our country across the southern border, looking for a better life in Mexico. At this rate, the next stop will be Port au Prince. Say what you will about Haiti, it’s better than Baltimore. Now, one upside of moving to Latin America is like-minded neighbors. Hispanics despise Joe Biden, too. Biden’s approval rating among Hispanic voters in this country has fallen to 24%. That’s his lowest among any demographic group.


Tucker notes that the preferred candidate for Hispanic voters in 2024 is…Donald J. Trump, who Democrats accused of being racist — Trump is more popular than “a cringing White liberal like Joe Biden. So, the guy who tried to build a border wall is loved. The guy who uses the word Latinx, not ironically, is hated. Remarkable.”

It’s not hard to imagine because they, like other Americans, can do the math and know what a mess that Joe Biden has made of the country. We’re seeing historically Democratic districts flip, with people like Republican Mayra Flores winning in the 34th District in South Texas.

But look at what Biden said at the AFL-CIO event about raising taxes amid inflation. Tucker makes the same point I did in my coverage of the event. Who in the middle of spiking inflation would raise taxes on corporations and make everything even more expensive? You got it: Joe Biden.

But listen to the message. Higher taxes will make the things that you buy cheaper. That’s what Biden just said. Inflation is up because taxes aren’t high enough. Now, it’s hardly a defense of corporate America, which we would never defend, to point out that as an economic analysis is completely insane. It’s not true.

We’ve lost control of inflation because people like Joe Biden pushed a species of lunacy called modern monetary theory. They printed an endless torrent of fake money to enrich and empower themselves and by doing that, they crashed the U.S. dollar and made you much poorer. That’s what happened.


But when the Biden team was asked about the continuing baby formula shortage, something, at this point, they should know they’re going to get questions on and something they should be concerned about because it’s American babies and families suffering, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre just kind of blew it off with “I don’t have anything new.” Yes, because it’s getting worse and you ran out of photo ops to suggest otherwise.

“‘Oh, mothers can’t feed their babies. Let me see what I have here.’ Somehow, the White House communications team forgot to load the baby formula talking points into the binder,” Tucker observed.

However, Jean-Pierre is certain of one thing: that Joe Biden is definitely in good condition for 2024. He isn’t even in good condition now and Jean-Pierre insists we shouldn’t even be asking any questions about that, but yep, according to her, he’s raring to go for 2024, “by which time all of suburban Chicago will have moved to Haiti in search of a higher standard of living,” Tucker opined.

AOC and many other Democrats aren’t so convinced. Even DNC members are now throwing him under the bus. But they’re also not embracing Kamala Harris as the replacement.

The New York Times, which is their newsletter, ran a front-page story two days ago on Sunday about Joe Biden’s mental decline. Really? That topic was completely off limits just a year ago. You couldn’t say it. The New York Times quoted one DNC official who’s advising Biden to announce now, right after the midterms, that he’s not running again. As David Axelrod masterminding the Obama victories, put it himself, “The presidency is a monstrously taxing job and the stark reality is the president would be closer to 90 than 80 at the end of a second term, and that would be a major issue.”

In other words, he’s too freakin’ old. Biden has got dementia. Who knew? Well, actually, they all knew, and they all knew all along, and they should not be allowed at this late date to evade their culpability for knowing and lying about it. They committed this crime. These people are cynical. They’re ruthless. They’re morally disfigured and if you need more proof of that, consider how they’re treating poor Kamala Harris.


Tucker explained how initially they were lauding her as a historic first. But now they’re treating her like a “bad Tinder date” because they’re not sure they want her as the replacement anymore, and they’re casting around again for other poor candidates like Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg.

“[N]ow that Oprah is retired, Kamala Harris is America’s main source of life-affirming aphorisms that don’t actually mean anything,” Carlson said, as he played a montage of all her fabulous words salads. He jokingly pointed out how wrong it was to cast her aside after all she had done. “You know how hard she worked? At one point, she even dated Montel Williams. Few would go that far, but Kamala Harris did.”

Carlson saved the best for last, with a final skewering of both Biden and Harris.

Mediocrity is no excuse for firing someone. A low IQ, a terrible personality, a total inability to do the prescribed job – those are not reasons to deny someone a job. The Biden administration has told us that repeatedly.

By the way, democracy plays a role in this, too. You just saw the woman who Liz Cheney tells us a lot got 81 million votes in the last election. Now that’s the most votes of any vice president in history. That’s more votes than Liz Cheney’s dad got. So, denying Kamala Harris the Democratic nomination in 2024 is nothing less than a form of insurrection.

It’s an attack on democracy and on our sacred norms. It’s disinformation, probably Russian in origin. Whatever it is, we cannot allow it and as long as this show is on the air, we won’t. Tonight, we are endorsing Kamala Harris for the 2024 Democratic primaries. She deserves it and so do Democrats. They created her. They should be forced to live with her and anyone who disagrees with that is, by definition, a racist.


It’s going to be something to see what they do about 2024. They’re just trying to deal with the debacle that is 2022 at the moment. But unless they pull something out of a hat — showing a skill that they haven’t demonstrated — 2024 could even be worse for them.


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