We Do Well to Remember What Happened on June 4, Given the Threats We Are Now Facing

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We see Marxists and other radicals pushing the Democratic Party more and more left. Indeed, I use the term radicals. But with so many Democrats and those on the left embracing radical ideas, “radicals” are no longer “radical” but the driving force of the Democratic Party. It’s why if you claim to be a Republican — heck, if you claim to be an American — you have to do all you can to stop that leftward movement because you have to know where it ends up. It’s why I have no patience at all with “Republicans” who don’t do all they can to fight it.


Part of the reason for that is because my family fled Communism which is why I had the fortune of being born here. I watched for years as my family members went on to fight the movement in academia. Unfortunately, while they had some success in their ambits, it’s a bit like trying to hold back the tide. Since the 60s, leftist professors have been trying to bring in other leftist professors. It’s why we have the completely indoctrinated environment we have today in academia. Unfortunately, it’s not just colleges, it’s also high schools now.

Now we also see efforts to curtail our Second Amendment rights from Joe Biden. We see people on the left even arguing against the Second Amendment altogether. We see the government trying to control what information we see and what they would adjudge “disinformation,” even a “Disinformation Governance Board.” We’re on an extremely dangerous path.

John Stossel tweeted out a video from 2017 with the words of Lily Tang Williams, who knows of what she speaks. She lived in China under Mao, she was a manipulated youth of the time, much as we see with some of the kids today. But she awoke when she heard the words of freedom — the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.


Stossel tweeted that video on Saturday because June 4 was the anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Massacre in 1989. Tang Williams said the history of China might have been different, had the Chinese had a right to bear arms.

She’s running as a Republican for Congress in New Hampshire.

The world was captivated by the possibility in 1989 that the Chinese government might be talked out of its Communism. In 1989, we also saw the Berlin Wall fall and other countries begin to move away from Communism. It appeared it was falling around the world. So the students had hope in China that with a true “people’s movement” the government might bend. They even built a “Statue of Liberty” in Tiananmen Square that they called the “Goddess of Democracy” as they occupied the area for days, capturing the attention of the world, with up to a million people coming out from all walks of life to join them at various points.


Warning for graphic content:

Here’s a good longer version breakdown of the protests from beginning to end.

Our Founding Fathers understood the reason for the Bill of Rights because they suffered the denial and freed themselves from England. China unfortunately didn’t have a Constitution for protection. We do. We know how precious and rare that is. But if we don’t understand it’s under assault, that we are being reset to accept all kinds of abuses of our rights, we can lose it. We must do all we can to preserve it.


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