WaPo Has a 'Magic Bullet' Take on Person Who Shot Into Office of Virginia GOP AG

AP Photo/Steve Helber, File

Liberal media can find all kinds of ways to shade the news, from ignoring stories that should be covered to spinning the heck out of stories that they do cover. But some of the ways they do it include the language they choose.


We saw the “mostly peaceful protest” evolve during the BLM/Antifa riots.

We saw the car that slammed into the Waukesha Christmas parade. Somehow the car had a mind of its own and just went wild. Let’s ignore the motive of the man behind the wheel because we don’t want to talk about that. The media even labeled it an “accident,” even after knowing it was deliberate.

Now we have a new story from the Washington Post, “Bullet goes through window of Virginia attorney general’s offices.”

What the heck was it? A wandering bullet looking for a home? Did it turn left at Greenland? What the heck is that phrasing? And why are they trying to downplay it?

The answer is the Virginia Attorney General is Republican Jason Miyares.

Someone shot a bullet that went into the sixth-floor offices of Miyares on Monday night. It was found by housekeepers in the morning. The WaPo has this beauty of a sentence too, “From time to time, gunshots have been fired into houses or other buildings in the Washington area, intentionally or accidentally. Reports of gunshots fired into government buildings are relatively rare, however.” Yeah, especially rare into sixth-floor windows. Richmond Capitol police said they would be stepping up protection and patrols.

Notice what else is missing from this story? The fact that the AG is a Republican who, a couple of days before, had issued a statement defending churches from being invaded and churchgoers from being harassed by pro-abortionists.


After the SCOTUS leak of the draft opinion regarding Roe, we’re seeing churches, the justices, and pro-life groups being targeted and all kinds of threats being tossed around on social media. We’re even seeing our Townhall colleague Rebecca Downs receive threats for just reporting on the fact that Justice Alito had to go into hiding. There’s a lot of craziness right now happening on the left because they are so intent on intimidating people to get the decision changed and get what they want, no matter who it might hurt in the process.

Now, it’s fair to say that if this had happened to an AG who was a Democrat, who had commented against the actions of people on the right, we’d have seen it framed as “Who will the right target next?” and be getting a lot more coverage of the incident.


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