COVID Mania and Hypocrisy Surrounding the WH Correspondents' Dinner, Featuring Fauci

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After the Gridiron Dinner became a superspreader among Democrats, how did they all deal with the next big event – the White House Correspondents’ Dinner?


Guests for the event were required to submit proof of having been vaccinated via an app, prior to the dinner, according to Fox. Of course, that wouldn’t prevent transmission.

Washington Post reporter Jada Yuan, who covers Jill Biden, had a meltdown about how close everyone was at the dinner.

So, here’s a question — what’s she doing there, if she can’t take it? Was someone there holding her hostage? Of course not, because there was this picture of her as well, as my colleague Brad Slager observed. She didn’t look at all concerned.

Does she forget the magical advice from the CDC that everything is okay, if it’s while you’re sitting down eating?

But although her meltdown was bad, it wasn’t even the worst meltdown. That was reserved for the folks reacting to how much CO2 was in the air. Yes, really. Some folks were so manic they were even measuring the CO2 in the room and decided that there was a lot. So then they freaked out that the room was poorly ventilated, which was bad news for all the people in the room. One of the liberals who was constantly tweeting about COVID — Dr. Eric Feigl-Ding — passed along the freak-out, although he was not at the event.


Dr. Anthony Fauci had previously said that he wasn’t going to go to the WHCD because it was too risky. He did go to the super spreader Gridiron Dinner. So, what did Fauci do? He went to at least one crowded, maskless WHCD pre-party. Here is a picture of him and Don Lemon — two of the people constantly preaching about COVID and masks.

This is what Fauci has the temerity to now say — after being behind masks and lockdowns for the past two years — that it was up to people’s “personal” choice.


Yet, we still have kids in masks in schools, when they are the least at risk? Can we say “free the kids” already, especially when we have the hypocrites like Fauci now flaunting it?

But the Biden Administration is still a mess. They can’t seem to decide if the pandemic phase is over or not, despite Fauci claiming it was and then saying the virus wasn’t over yet.

Enough already.


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