Russell Brand's Hilarious Brian Stelter Take, as More Reports Show Why No One Trusts Him

Russell Brand. Credit: Russell Brand YouTube channel

One of the things that is so ironic about the liberal media push to attack Joe Rogan for “misinformation” is that they are such purveyors of it, they have no standing to attack anyone else. Rogan is not always right, but when he’s wrong, he apologizes for it and corrects it. That’s something that you don’t see from liberal media; we’re still waiting for the apology for how they divided the country over Russian collusion. Rogan is also not pushing a narrative, he’s just looking to ask questions and search for the truth. Meanwhile, CNN is always trying to push their political narrative on you — that takes priority over the truth.


Brian Stelter said that because “Joe Rogan is winging it,” people have stopped trusting “real newsrooms.” So he’s whining this is why people aren’t watching him and the rest of CNN — one of “the real newsrooms.”

Russell Brand had a hilarious take on that.

Not only does he have Stelter’s voice down, but he captures the whole attitude Stelter exudes.

Greenwald posted the full, Brand video, and noted how it already has more views than Stelter has viewers — which is why CNN is so terrified of independent voices who are not beholden to the narrative.

Now if CNN over the past several years under CEO Jeff Zucker had been more concerned about news reporting and the truth, than pushing the liberal narrative of the day, people might trust them and their ratings wouldn’t be in the basement. Not having the scandals might help, too.


But take Brian Stelter, the subject of Brand’s lampooning.

Radar broke the story about Zucker and his paramour Allison Gollust long before other media broke it this week. Radar reported on it on Jan. 4, citing multiple sources.

As we later found out, it was an “open secret” at CNN for years, according to people connected with the network. But the day before Radar dropped that blockbuster story, Stelter attacked Radar in his newsletter.

From Fox News:

“They post something nutty; they claim to have multiple sources, but they donโ€™t check with the subject at all; and they arenโ€™t swayed by reality,” Stelter wrote of Radar Online the day before it reported the news of Zuckerโ€™s relationship with Gollust.

“Ordinary users end up reading, sharing and sometimes believing a lie without realizing the original story was garbage. Radar wins page views and loses nothing because it had to [sic[ credibility to start with. Sad,” Stelter added. He took issue with a Radar report that CNN wouldn’t invite Andy Cohen back to co-host its New Year’s Eve coverage after his drunken performance.


According to Radar, Stelter’s attack came after Radar had contacted Zucker and Gollust for comment, telling them they would be publishing the story the next day.

So, Radar’s Ryan Naumann is asking, “Did Jeff Zucker order one of his prized on-air talents to trash Radar?”

I wrote an earlier story about how a CNN insider was saying Stelter, as the media reporter, should be canned for not reporting on the affair, saying he has been going after Fox on his high horse, while not reporting on what was going on with CNN. That added to the sense that things are breaking open at CNN that you would have such an insider saying that.

I said Stelter should get fired for the failure to do his job in general. But this latest report puts him right in the middle of the Zucker-Gollust scandal if he was working as an ‘attack dog’ for Zucker in going after Radar, to obscure the truth. That’s a big problem. Talk about more CNN conflicts and dishonesty. Looks like the new people at CNN may have more to look into here.

So, can we ask Brian again why people don’t trust him and CNN? Looks like Brand hit it right on the nose. This latest news may just roast that tater.


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