American Truckers Organizing Freedom Convoy to DC but Here Come the Censors

Photo by Arthur Mola/Invision/AP

The Freedom Convoy that made it across Canada from Vancouver to Ottawa is now occupying the streets in front of Parliament and is being supported by people in their efforts against vaccine mandates. They’re also blocking the border in Alberta where they took a vote to stay, in the face of a potential government threat to remove them. The protest even factored into a politician losing his job — unfortunately, not Justin Trudeau.


As we reported, it seems to be having an effect, with more experts and officials in Canada now pushing for a return to normal and ‘live with the virus’ approach. You could tell how effective it was by how much Justin Trudeau tried to smear them, after he fled the capital rather than talk with the truckers about their concerns.

American truckers are now trying to follow in the footsteps of their Northern brethren — organizing a similar convoy from California to Washington, D.C., to stand against government overreach.

But Facebook is trying to stop them, removing the page from which they were organizing the effort. Facebook claimed that the page was violating policies around QAnon. Just as there was an effort to smear the Canadian effort by Justin Trudeau and some in liberal media, even claiming it was somehow associated with Russia, it looks like they’re going after the U.S. effort.

One of the organizers, Brian Brase, went on Tucker Carlson’s show and said none of them were associated with QAnon stuff, and that Facebook wouldn’t even show them what the alleged objectionable postings were. He said they also eliminated two of the organizer’s personal profiles as well — despite, he said, that fact that there wasn’t even anything on their pages that comes “even close to that.” Jeremy Johnson, the Facebook group’s administrator, and fellow trucker Mike Landis had their accounts removed as well.


Brase said this wasn’t about right or left, that it was a “human issue” and a constitutional violation.

“This crosses all genders, all races, all sexual orientations, all occupations,” Brase said. “Truckers might be standing up, but it’s not about the truckers. It’s about America.”

From The Post Millennial:

“We have a lot of people getting in touch with us that they’re very interested in being involved in this. It’s not truckers, it’s everyday American people. Multicultural, we have a wide range of people. So this is going to get very big, in my opinion. And I don’t know I think the government needs to really take a look at what the American people want. And they don’t want mandates. They want to see their families,” said Johnson.

Brase noted while the event will be big, it will also be a peaceful event, and that it’s not just about truckers, but about Americans. [….]

“This is the end of the mandates and we’re doing so peacefully,” he concluded.

A bipartisan group of governors is pushing for a return to normal and a move to “living with the virus,” but so far Joe Biden is rebuffing this effort. The governors should take a hint from the truckers and just move ahead without Biden.


Meanwhile, the folks in Canada are hanging in there until the mandates are lifted. But they’re doing it in style, with fun, dancing, and hot chocolate. This is what freedom looks like — something that’s been missed a lot over the past two years.



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