CNN Demolishes Biden in Brutally Honest Assessment

CNN is a mess. As we reported about a week ago, the network lost 90 percent of its viewership over the past year, showing that they’re in free fall.

They have had a ton of scandals, with Chris Cuomo getting fired after it was found that he was more deeply involved in the defense of his brother’s sexual harassment issues. They also had producers who were arrested for alleged sexual offenses, some involving children.


But the problem is that their news has just been straight-up propaganda for the Democratic party, and everyone knows it — which explains why no one trusts what they say.

So, when they report some real news accurately about the Democratic party and/or Joe Biden, people take note because it’s a signal of how obvious the problem is.

They broadcast an incredibly brutal and honest assessment of Biden on Anderson Cooper’s show on Friday. The assessment came from Scott Jennings, on-air contributor for CNN and a former special assistant to President George W. Bush. It’s still astounding it made it on air and wasn’t edited out, given CNN’s orientation.

“The nice old moderate Grandpa who just wanted to help everybody get along and compromise is not what we got over the past year,” Jennings explains. “He has no mandate, really, to do much of anything,”

The only mandate was: “Don’t do anything drastic or stupid,” Jennings said, “yet everything about this agenda is extremely drastic. And he’s been angrier than I think people expected, he’s been more divisive, he’s been more partisan. You look at the issues. We built five years of coverage on Trump out of Russia, COVID, and democracy. The president, in his press conference, invites Russia to invade Ukraine. We have more [COVID] deaths under Biden than Trump. And now we have the president and the vice president question the legitimacy of the 2022 election? Are we any better off on these issues that we crucified Trump over?”


Jennings finishes Biden off by noting a recent poll saying only 28 percent wanted Biden to run again and fewer than half of Democrats, “This is a disaster.”

Perhaps one of the most astonishing things about the segment is that they just let Jennings go. Cooper didn’t, in any way, stop him or try to cut him off.

Again, you know how bad it is when it makes it onto CNN. What’s also fascinating, in addition to the hit on Biden, is how Jennings admits the media’s efforts against President Donald Trump. We could have told them they were on the wrong side of that issue, but they didn’t care — it was all about getting rid of Trump. So, now they say: ‘we got this guy who is all the bad things we said about Trump.’

We’ve seen more honesty from CNN of late, and perhaps that’s the reported effort of the new owner to try to bring them back to their news roots, given what a disaster the past year has been.

But you also have to wonder when we see things like this if they’re setting up for the move away from Biden, to whoever they may want to push ultimately in 2024 instead.



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