DirecTV Drops the Hammer on OAN, Which May Do Them In

We see a constant effort from liberal groups to take down conservative hosts and conservative media. It seems there’s a push periodically to do in Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, and others. There’s a current push to even demonize Joe Rogan who isn’t exactly conservative but suffers from three things that the liberal media doesn’t like – common sense, honest approach, and more viewers than them.


As we reported a couple of days ago, there was even a push to get Spotify to shut Rogan down, for “misinformation,” but Spotify appears not to be caving. We also saw Dan Bongino suspended from YouTube again, with that magical word “misinformation” — which translates to “things that the left doesn’t like to hear.”

Now there’s news that DirecTV intends to stop carrying One America News Network’s two channels, once their contract expires in early April. While they would still be carried by Verizon FiOS and other, smaller pay-TV providers, DirecTV is OANN’s largest distributor. So, this would basically cripple them, if not do them in, in terms of revenue. According to Reuters reporter Brad Heath, OANN has said it gets 90 percent of its revenue from DirecTV owner AT&T. It’s hard to survive losing 90 percent of your revenue, if that’s true.

Although pay-TV providers have been dropping channels to lower costs, “critics” (translate: People on the left who want to shut down opposing opinion) have been pressing distributors to stop carrying them, Bloomberg acknowledges.

The left is crowing in celebration today and calling for Fox and Newsmax to come next. Because “democracy.” It seems, to liberals, “democracy” translates to shutting down all opinion that differs from what you want.


This also follows a push by Joe Biden calling upon tech companies to shut down “misinformation” (according to him).

Who gets to decide what “misinformation” is? Joe Biden? The man who himself is a billboard for misinformation? The man who has made up all kinds of false stories from meeting a dead Amtrak conductor to claiming he was arrested for civil rights? The guy who falsely calls this the pandemic of the unvaccinated and until fairly recently (just last month) was saying you said if you were vaccinated, you couldn’t spread the virus?

Will we have daily missives from our Democratic overlords as to what is acceptable to say now? If we want to talk about media misinformation, we can point you to a boatload of information on CNN, MSNBC, and other liberal media. Just scroll through our site. Will we be seeing them getting booted from providers anytime soon?


Of course not, because that is acceptable to the Democratic narrative. Now, it’s not clear all the factors that entered into DirecTV’s decision, it is clear that the left is trying to shut down and block conservative media. We need to do all we can to stand in their way and support speech.


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