Biden Can't Even Remember the Name of His Infrastructure Czar

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

Joe Biden spoke today about dispensing some of the money under the infrastructure act that passed Congress last year.

Biden had appointed an “infrastructure czar” to be in charge of the effort: Mitch Landrieu, former New Orleans mayor during Hurricane Katrina. But Biden seemed to have trouble both with saying “America” and remembering what the name of the czar for the job was.


Biden said “Mitch McC–” and then stopped, seemingly almost saying “Mitch McConnell,” the Republican Senate Minority Leader.

But folks on both sides of the aisle have raised questions about Landrieu, with critics saying that he didn’t properly use the billions in federal aid for post-Katrina repairs in the city. He’s also been criticized for ‘enriching’ himself through a ‘racial justice’ non-profit since then.


Now, I’m all in for making as much as you can (honestly) in a private business. But in a non-profit, if your head guy is drawing down $330,000, someone has missed the plot here — and the purpose of where the money is supposed to be going, which is for the cause.

So, not exactly a sterling start, first with the pick of Landrieu and secondly, not even being able to remember his name.

This was similar to the day before, when Biden couldn’t read the teleprompter saying “topped” rather than “tapped,” and couldn’t pronounce the name of his testing guy. When cases are higher than ever before, that’s not a good look.

Biden acknowledged during his infrastructure remarks that there was a lot of disappointment in the things they haven’t gotten done.

That’s true. Unfortunately, there’s also a lot more disappointment with the things he has done, like the bad spending policies that have helped increase inflation. The White House has had a delusional response in dealing with that.


At the end of his infrastructure remarks, the press tried to ask Biden questions, including if he had a message for Vladimir Putin, as things are heating up between Russia and Ukraine, with even more concerns about a possible attack from Russia on the horizon. But Biden blew them off, doing a classic Biden move — ignoring them and/or looking out of it, then shuffling away and having no answers for anybody.


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