Fauci Plays Victim on Networks, but Paul Dismantles Him Again

Stefani Reynolds/The New York Times via AP, Pool

Dr. Anthony Fauci testified yesterday before Congress and got into trouble when he was grilled by Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) and Sen. Roger Marshall (R-KS), both doctors.


Paul pressed him about his involvement in trying to silence epidemiologists who had a different approach, who were involved in proposing alternative mitigation strategies for coronavirus. Marshall hit him with the bombshell Project Veritas report involving gain of function research that contradicted what Fauci has previously claimed.

Fauci pulled out the victim card, claiming that the senators were wrong and that they were launching “personal attacks” on him. He got some cover from the chair of the HELP Committee Sen. Patty Murray (D-WA), who interrupted to save him. Fauci claimed he was receiving threats for which he blamed Paul, and he claimed the attacks were political, trying to deflect from Paul’s questions.

Fauci completely lost it and even called Marshall a “moron” under his breath and said “Jesus Christ!”

But what was hilarious was the unforced error from Fauci when he advertised for Paul’s website and the “Fire Fauci” effort, creating a meme for the ages.


Fauci continued those claims that it was a personal attack on him on CNN and MSNBC last night. Is there any ‘non-political’ figure who spends more time on television being political?

On MSNBC he continued to play the victim, saying, according to the transcript, “What you saw at the hearing today was pure ad hominem.” He even tried to use the AIDS activists who previously protested him, saying that the vitriol against him then, because of how wrong he was then too, wasn’t as bad as now. Not exactly a good look to refer back to another time where he said wrong things and failed greatly.

What is extraordinary is that neither Anderson Cooper nor Chris Hayes asked him about the information referred to by Paul and Marshall. Now, of course, both CNN and MSNBC long ago gave up journalism for being essentially Democratic media organs. But it’s still something that they pretend to be journalists while being state media and failing to ask even the most basic journalistic questions.

While Fauci denied what Paul and Marshall were saying, he didn’t do anything to counter the evidence that they were presenting. Marshall asked him to release the records on the information in question without any redactions, to clarify the issue. If there were no problem and if Fauci were telling the truth, then he should have no problem doing that, right? But Fauci would not commit to doing that when asked by Marshall. And instead of doing that, he took to the Democratic airwaves.


However, Paul was having none of it. He said that now Fauci is even going beyond saying he’s unquestionable because he is “science,” that he’s saying if you question him, you are somehow encouraging violence against him, which is crazy. Paul, who has probably been threatened and attacked more than anyone, listed some of those times and said Fauci trying to blame him was just wrong.

“It was a cheap shot by a politician, not a scientist,” Paul said.

Fauci doesn’t want to be questioned, and he doesn’t want people pursuing any of these questions because of where they may lead.



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