WATCH: Fauci's Revealing Hot Mic Moment After Republican Senators Fillet Him

Shawn Thew/Pool via AP

Dr. Anthony Fauci is not having a good day. As RedState reported, Rand Paul thoroughly filleted the NIAID director over the course of multiple question and answer sessions, providing more evidence that Fauci is both a liar and incompetent. That included the latest documents showing that NIH green-lit a formerly rejected grant for gain-of-function research in Wuhan, China.


The beatdowns didn’t stop there, though. Later, Republican Sen. Roger Marshall pressed the good doctor on his financial entanglements and lack of transparency. Instead of giving a straight answer, Fauci began to yell indignantly, which has been a pattern for him when he gets flustered.

But it was after the questioning ceased that he truly showed what a thin-skinned baby he is. On a hot mic, Fauci got caught calling Marshall a “moron” and then proclaiming, “Jesus Christ.”

Skin so thin you can see straight through him. This little garden gnome of a bureaucrat simply can’t handle being criticized. His accusations that Rand Paul incited death threats against him because the senator called for him to be fired were couched in the logic you’d expect from a five-year-old. Then, once Marshall nailed him with a very reasonable question about his pubic disclosures, he loses it again, not realizing his mic is still on. Calling a sitting senator a moron? Taking the Lord’s name in vain in a public hearing? It’s insanity, and it’s being perpetrated by a guy who believes he has no boundaries because no one has ever held him to any.


Of course, the Democrats in the room didn’t demand he act with some decorum. Heck, you can bet they enjoyed the doctor’s underhanded attack. Still, Fauci’s behavior was completely out of line, and yet another reason why he has no business being in his position. He has lied repeatedly to Congress, and every time more evidence comes out to show he’s been untruthful, he doubles down like the corrupt clown that he is. This man isn’t about science. He’s a politician and a coddled coward of one at that.

None of this is surprising, given this is the same over-credentialed nutjob who proclaimed that “he” is “the science.” Clearly, Fauci has lost touch with reality and is mired in delusions of his own grandeur. He refuses to accept responsibility for anything — despite the fact that he has been the leader of the response to COVID-19. That’s the ultimate mark of a man with low character, and while there are politicians on all sides that partake in such obfuscation, Fauci is worse because he claims to be above it all.

Look, I know a lot of Republicans, especially in the smart set, are going to want to just wash their hands and move on once the GOP retakes power, but that shouldn’t happen here. Fauci should be taken to the cleaners as soon as Republicans control these committees again. I’m talking multiple investigations and possibly criminal referrals because last I checked, it’s still a crime to lie to Congress. This man is a menace, leeching off of taxpayers while showing no respect at all to the representative government we ostensibly maintain.




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