Everyone Mocks the Matching Khaki-Clad, Patriot Front's Latest Effort

We last reported on the group, Patriot Front, that came out in Washington, D.C., last month. They marched around the Lincoln Memorial — all in masks, matching jackets, and khaki pants. They then piled out of their U-Hauls.


A lot of people speculated at the time about the group being ‘feds’ because of the coordinated outfits and the uniformity and physicality of the group, not to mention the U-hauls. Now we should note that the group does have a history. It was allegedly formed in 2017, by a guy named Thomas Rousseau, and they’ve done marches like the one in D.C. in the past over the past few years.

They were at it again in Chicago yesterday, suddenly showing up and trying to march alongside the March for Life that was going on there. Was someone trying to smear the pro-life movement? If they were, it didn’t work out very well.

The March for Life didn’t want to have anything to do with them; they aren’t about to get associated with these characters. The pro-lifers mocked them and their shields, saying the March for Life is a peaceful protest. They told them to go away.

One of the pro-life people yelled at them, “Hijacking a pro-life movement, who the hell do you guys think you are?”

This conservative pro-life guy who yelled at them is a hero. “You’re an embarrassment to cowboys,” he yells at the one guy who is unmasked, who I think is Rousseau, the founder.


When they tried to leave the area in private vehicles this time (no U-hauls), people noticed the license plates were covered up and wondered why the police, who were there, were not arresting them or stopping them for having obscured license plates.


Former Democratic assemblyman Dov Hikind of New York City asked the question that a lot were asking.

Interesting question. You would think it would be easy to stop them for that and then identify all of them. Things that make you go hmmm…

Apparently, the one thing that everyone can get together on is mocking Patriot Front.


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