WATCH: Alec Baldwin Talks Shooting, Right-Wing, Jan. 6, and a Splenda Packet

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I have to hand it to actor Alec Baldwin. He’s done a variety of videos now talking about the shooting that resulted in the death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and wounded director Joel Souza, including one out on the side of a highway and a long interview with George Stephanopoulos. Yet even as he talks about the victims, he always seems very aggrieved and speaks as though he is the one who is the victim. Such public statements are not a good idea from a legal perspective. Or frankly, a public perspective. And he just made it worse with another video today.


Baldwin just posted a video that takes the cake. He attacks how “right-wing rags” are talking about the case and even “the Jan. 6 of it all.” No, I’m not kidding. He’s gone to the Nancy Pelosi school of propaganda. This is quite something.

Baldwin claims the only way to honor Halyna Hutchins is to find out “the truth.” He says he is “demanding” the sheriff investigate to find out “what really happened.” Um, he was there, he was the one with the gun. That’s why he’s supposed to be cooperating with the police.

But that’s what this is about — that he hasn’t yet turned over his phone to the police, and the police have had to get a search warrant for the phone because he hasn’t. But at last check, he still hadn’t turned over the phone.

But any suggestion that he’s not complying is a lie, Baldwin complains. “As soon as we go through the process, by all means, we will comply.” Um, the time to comply is now?

Baldwin says it’s all going to work out, “regardless of what it says in these right-wing rag sheets” and “people who are all about hate.” Huh, what? “But setting aside all the hate, setting aside all the Jan. 6 of it all, there it is,” Baldwin says, as he flashes a Splenda packet at the camera.


What the heck is he talking about? And is he well, because it sure doesn’t look like it? What does the right-wing or Jan. 6 have to do with anything? Talk about a deflection. This is what Jan. 6 propaganda from the Democrats gets you — when even this character is now trying to use it to spin criticism of himself. Why is he spinning so hard?

You had the gun, Alec, not anyone having anything to do with Jan. 6. The police want your phone. Turn it over. If you want the “truth” to come out.

An official told Fox that the Santa Fe Sheriff’s Office and New Mexico First Judicial District Attorney’s Office are “actively working” with the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Office and Baldwin’s lawyers to get the phone because they believe it contains important conversations about the case. The Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department confirmed it hadn’t been turned over as of Friday.

“The Suffolk County Sheriff’s Office has received a request from the Santa Fe, NM authorities requesting assistance in obtaining Alec Baldwin’s phone,” Sergeant Paul Spinella told Fox News.

“This request has been forwarded to the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office to work out the differences in laws between NM and NY. As this is an ongoing investigation, that is all the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Office can report at this time,” he said.


The lawyers may be trying to work out something where he doesn’t have to turn over the whole phone but just information related to the case.

The prosecutor has said that people who handled the gun in the case might face criminal charges. That may be making Baldwin nervous.


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