Professor Gets Mad After People Notice Rather Significant Error About Rittenhouse in Her Book

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Paging Kyle Rittenhouse. Here’s another one to add to that list of “media accountability” that you are no doubt compiling for potential legal action. Rittenhouse said in December that “accountability is coming.”


We’ve seen a lot of media malpractice regarding the Rittenhouse case, but this one is bad.

UCLA professor and author Kara Cooney released a book in November called “The Good Kings” which is supposed to be about Egypt. But for some reason, she includes a passage about Kyle Rittenhouse.

In the book, she says, “[C]onsider 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse, who used his semi-automatic weapon to kill two Black men in Kenosha, Wisconsin, while waging a glorious race war on behalf of his inherited White power.”

Alrighty, now. So you can tell that the book isn’t just about Egypt but it’s trying to make political points. The liberal media helped to stoke this falsehood about Rittenhouse, without any regard for the truth in this case. So let’s walk through it. She uses “semi-automatic” as though that means something fearful and not just that it’s a normal gun. No black men were killed by Rittenhouse, the two people he killed (and third he shot) were white, he shot them in self-defense, and he was not waging race war on behalf of white power. He was found not guilty on Nov. 19, 2021.

We’re not just talking about a random dumb tweet on the internet, this was put in a book. How did this get past the editors? And that’s what’s most concerning — that even in such a well-publicized case, you still have people who are just so clueless as to the facts including this professor and her editors. That’s how deep the media propaganda and misleading information has been on this case. And what does that say about her ability to research for this book when she has a problem with such a basic piece of information? Not exactly a sterling recommendation for the validity of the book.


After Cooney received criticism for this, her reaction was such a liberal reaction.

“On p. 341 of THE GOOD KINGS I state that Kyle Rittenhouse shot two Black men when instead he shot two white men,” Cooney wrote on Twitter Wednesday. “That was my mistake, and I apologize. The response has been a hateful stew of ridicule and denial that America has a race problem at all.” [….]

“If one mistake in a little known book about ancient Egypt elicits this much howling, it is to avoid discussing our larger problem, to avoid seeing our deep-seeded obsession with patriarchal power,” Cooney wrote. “So yeah, tiny detail of the book with a big mistake about a massive American issue. And that’s on me. But the white supremacy is still a problem. And the misogyny is still a problem.”

Translation? Even though I’m wrong, I’m still right! She should have stopped with “I apologize.” I’m not sure what the patriarchy or misogyny has to do with her getting basic facts correct in a book. Also, I think it’s “deep-seated” not deep-seeded.” But that’s being persnickety. Why is she even including the Rittenhouse case in her book? If she is including it, she should have the correct facts of the case. It not only says a lot about her but about her publisher, National Geographic. What were they thinking here?


That wasn’t the only glaring issue in the book. She also reportedly claimed in the book that “Rosa Parks took a seat in the White section of a public bus and started the Montgomery bus boycott.” Except that isn’t what happened, Parks refused to give up her seat to a white person after the white section had filled up.

So much for the accuracy of this book.


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