Kyle Rittenhouse Teases Action Coming Against Media Outlets

Mark Hertzberg /Pool Photo via AP

Kyle Rittenhouse made multiple comments on Monday indicating he might soon be filing legal actions against media outlets for how they slandered him in regard to the Kenosha shooting.


Rittenhouse hasn’t filed any actions yet. But there is a mountain of potential defendants available to go after for defamatory statements, even Joe Biden who put out a campaign ad including Rittenhouse and depicting him as a white supremacist.

Here’s a reminder of some of the lies.

Yesterday, Rittenhouse first spoke at AmericaFest, a four-day Turning Point event being held in Phoenix. He was greeted like a rock star at the event. “Accountability is coming,” he told the audience. “I’d be on the lookout.”

While he faces a lot of attention that would likely turn the head of many an 18-year-old, Rittenhouse said that he had matured after everything he went through and believed one had to “always be humble and look at the positives in life.” He also thanked the journalists who had covered the story on the ground for being essential to bringing out the truth of what happened in his case.


“It’s helped me grow a lot, it’s helped me mature,” Rittenhouse said of the stressful experience of the trial. “My mentors who have been in my life … they’ve helped make me the person I am today, so thank you for them.”

He added that faith also played a major role in the experience, telling the panel “I believe God’s been with me every day of the trial, every day since Aug. 25 … I pray to him every single night … I pray for strength to get through whatever happens to me.”

While it was definitely a questionable move for him to testify during the trial he said that he “wanted to tell my story.”

He reiterated that there was “going to be some media accountability coming soon” to Fox News during an interview shortly after his AmFest remarks. He congratulated Nick Sandmann on his settlement with NBC over their false depiction of him in his encounter with Nathan Phillips at the Lincoln Memorial in 2019, “Good for him.” He has been in contact with Sandmann who has given him some advice on his fight. Sandmann got settlements from CNN and the Washington Post as well and reportedly had five other cases still pending. Rittenhouse also said that he did intend to attend Arizona State University in the spring, despite protests against him by some students on the left.


It may be hard for Rittenhouse to get back to a normal life anytime soon. Right now you can certainly feel his relief and his desire to celebrate his freedom. He was put on trial for his life for defending himself and was demonized by the left because it helped their political narrative to paint him in a false light, just like they did with Nick Sandmann. If he chooses to go after them for it, I hope he prevails because he certainly deserves some payback for how they defamed him. He shouldn’t have had to go through any of it. As an 18-year-old, he should be thinking about continuing in college — not having to worry if he will be able to go because of radical leftists and the lies of the media. Hopefully, he’s able to get back to some semblance of a normal life as the attention recedes.


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