Joy Reid Just Trips All Over Reality Trying to Justify Her Prior Anti-Vaccine Remarks

Joy Reid Just Trips All Over Reality Trying to Justify Her Prior Anti-Vaccine Remarks
Joy Reid (Credit: MSNBC)

If the left didn’t have double standards, they’d have no standards at all.

MSNBC’s Joy Reid has been attacking singer Nicki Minaj for questioning the vaccine. Reid is also insanely attacking the GOP claiming they love COVID.

She’s stark raving bonkers and one has to ask why she still has a show.

But this is part of the same insanity that we saw with CNN’s Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo who said that people who were unvaccinated were “stupid” and should be “shamed.”

But Reid, when President Donald Trump was in office, was attacking any potential vaccine for political reasons, because she claimed Trump could not be trusted. Yet now, she’s trying to justify her own prior anti-vaccine comments.

“Listen, I was hesitant. When Donald Trump was out there controlling the CDC and controlling the FDA and manipulating them and making them put out falsehoods, anybody rational was hesitant.” In other words, she was opposing it not for any rational reasons, but because she politically disagreed with Trump. Plus, that was just a lie. Trump wasn’t making the CDC or the FDA put out any falsehoods.

She wasn’t just hesitant, as Drew Holden observes, she was downright attacking anything they would come up with.

Reid did it, not for any legitimate concerns, but just because it wasn’t her guy in the office. Indeed, as we see, since the vaccine was developed under Trump, and now suddenly, she’s for it, because her guy is now in office. But it was developed under Trump. So what happened to her prior objections? You can’t get more political than that. How is that about the science? It doesn’t even make logical sense. It’s literally the same vaccine. It’s just “acceptable” now because Biden is now in office. So now if she’s decrying hesitancy, maybe she should check the mirror for her own role in creating it?

Facts don’t matter to someone who is that politically craven.

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