Leftists Blast Herschel Walker in What His Son Termed 'Racist and Southern-Phobic' Attack

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Former NFL star Herschel Walker is running for the Senate in Georgia as a Republican. He’s a long-term friend of President Donald Trump, who has endorsed him. He’s gotten some other big endorsements, including from Rep. Burgess Owens (R-UT) who was also a professional football player and knows what it’s like to make that transition to politics.


But Walker had the left spinning after New Year’s Day comments that he made. Walker had some good points about what is lacking in Joe Biden and the Democrats’ approach and problems with Build Back Better, which is focused on social spending.

Instead, he said, what people should be focusing on is the border, funding the police not defunding them — as some Democrats want — and that the focus should be on the Constitution.

A prominent account on the left clipped the video, and then multiple accounts claimed that Walker wasn’t “lucid” in the clip.

Now, I don’t know about you, but what he’s saying is perfectly clear to me in that particular clip. He’s making a point about Democrats not acting in accordance with the Constitution. That we need to have a “law of the land,” in which “all men are created equal,” which in fact we do (although the Democrats seem to like to ignore it) — it’s called the Constitution and we need to “put people in charge” who are going to fight for the Constitution. What he said is not at all hard to follow. So, some have to ask: why are the Democrats going there?


Some on the right pointed out that this criticism by the left was sounding a little bit racist.

Walker’s son also weighed in.

The left’s rules. But the left is never consistent in their application of standards.

Now, what’s ridiculous about all this is that Joe Biden is constantly incoherent, frequently seeming to not know what is going on, and often having trouble even reading teleprompters. Biden makes up stories that aren’t true and often reflexively lies when he is challenged, such as when he said that he didn’t reject the health experts’ plan for test kits before the holidays when obviously he did. He keeps repeating the fake stories that he made up that have been debunked, like the Amtrak train conductor story and the claim that he was a tractor-trailer driver. That’s dangerous, when this is now not just him embellishing his background, but affecting policy.

The left just completely ignores it or tries to justify it. Everything they’re trying to say about Walker is so much more applicable to Joe Biden. You would think that should concern them that Biden has such issues, but it doesn’t because that might affect the Democrats hold on power and that’s the only thing that matters to them. Rep. Lauren Boebert managed to expose both Biden and the left with a brilliant troll when she just repeated one incoherent word that Biden had said and they attacked her for it, calling her incoherent, without realizing that it was Biden who said it.


The bottom line is that Walker is popular. They fear that he will do very well in Georgia, so they’re getting a leg up on the attacks. But any time they pull this move, people need to point right back — at Joe Biden.



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