'Let's Go, Brandon' Businesses Taking off; Even Brandon Brown Now Embraces Saying

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Memes usually have a shelf life. But in the case of “Let’s go, Brandon,” the saying continues to take off because of the ongoing ineptitude of Joe Biden and the media — the two things that birthed the saying.


Not only is it still going strong as we saw with a dad saying it as a form of protest to Joe Biden during a NORAD Santa-tracking Christmas call, but Let’s Go, Brandon businesses are doing bang-up sales.

Keith Lambert owns Let’s Go Brandon stores in New England. He’s now expanding his business from eight locations to 10 to keep up with the demand. This includes deep-blue Massachusetts. He’s opening new locations in Salisbury and Cape Cod.

Lambert indicated some of the people coming in were former Biden voters, according to Fox.

“A customer came into one of our locations [Tuesday] and bought a Let’s Go Brandon sticker and went out to his car and stuck it over his Biden sticker,” Lambert said. “And that was it, he was just like, ‘I’m done with this guy.’”

“People have buyer’s remorse,” he added. “Business is very, very good right now.”

His stores were originally named New England for Trump, but he changed the name to pick up on the saying. He also has an online store with the old name that sells a lot of Let’s Go, Brandon material. He said the reaction has been mostly positive, although he has gotten some emails or phone calls “with stupid stuff,” as well as a letter wishing death on him and his family. He said he hoped President Donald Trump would run again.

Lambert chastised Biden over his handling of the border and Afghanistan.

“His decision-making is not good,” he said. “I don’t think he’s doing the job that he should be doing, and I’m not happy with it, just like a lot of other people are not happy with it.”


It’s not just Lambert. There’s a pop-up place near where I live in Texas that’s doing a brisk business in Let’s Go, Brandon attire. It too is a Trump-oriented business.

On top of all that, the original “Brandon” who is referenced in the saying now has news. Brandon Brown was the driver who’d just won a NASCAR Xfinity race when he was interviewed by an NBC sports reporter. During the interview, fans started chanting “F**k Joe Biden” nearby in the stands. The reporter claimed they were saying “Let’s go, Brandon” to avoid recognizing that they were saying, and a meme was borne. It showed both how people were not happy with Joe Biden but also that they were not happy with the way the media was covering for him.

Previously, Brown had acknowledged the saying, having a little bit of a laugh with it.

Then he expressed some concern that he might be losing sponsorships. But now, he seems to have gone all-in with it, signing with LGBCoin, a cryptocurrency, which references the saying. LGB will be featured on his red, white, and blue car.


LGBCoin said in a press release that when fans chant “Let’s go, Brandon” they hoped it was seen as a patriotic expression.

“We are thrilled to partner with Brandonbilt Motorsports and Brandon Brown for the 2022 NASCAR Xfinity Series season,” LGBCoin HODLer and founder of Typhoon Capital Management James Koutoulas said in a news release. “Brandon is not only an incredibly talented driver, but also a thoughtful individual wise beyond his years. His commitment and singular focus on his profession is inspiring and his personal story is one that we can all be proud of—an American story of success and perseverance. Brandon is truly America’s Driver. [….]

“We are proud to support Brandon this season, to help him continue his American dream. If we do our job right, when you think of us, and you hear, ‘Let’s Go Brandon,’ you’ll think and feel, ‘Let’s Go America.’”

It’s so popular now, even this guy who was reticent about how it might affect his sponsorships has now embraced it. That says a lot about how widespread the unhappiness is with Joe Biden at this point.



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