WH Shows How Uncaring They Are About Treatment of Kids Over COVID

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A video from the Capitol Hill Elementary school in Portland, Oregon, brought into sharp question a policy underway in Oregon as well as many schools across the country as a reaction to COVID.


The children are allegedly being made to sit outside on buckets, social distancing in the cold, as a COVID mitigation method. Never mind about getting any other illnesses to which they might be more prone by sitting out in the cold.

The Post Millennial says it was contacted by one of the parents.

“As a parent of a student at Capitol Hill Elementary, this policy is abhorrent,” the parent said.

“I am beyond furious, especially knowing children are low-risk,” they continued. “Governor Brown maskless in DC this weekend was the last straw. We’ve been patient with all of the policies here in Portland in hopes of not being ostracized within the community, but this is the last straw.”

“I will be picking my child up to have lunch at home,” they added.

What the parent is referencing is this picture of Oregon Governor Kate Brown, the least popular governor in the nation. Meanwhile, her administration is pushing for a permanent indoor mask mandate (as in, forever), despite her not wearing one in D.C. at a gala.


The person on her left also eschewing a mask is David Gins, that Kamala Harris staffer who posted what looked like a hostage video saying how much he loved working for her. He, too, is not wearing a mask despite the Biden-Harris Administration constantly pushing masks. They can blow off masks, but meanwhile, the kids are forced into them. The rules apply to you and your kids, just not to Democratic politicians and staff.

These school lunch rules aren’t only happening in Oregon, it’s happening in a variety of schools across the country, as The Week notes.

Last month, parents in a Minnesota school district protested after discovering their kids were being forced to eat lunch outside in cold temperatures as a COVID mitigation method. On Wednesday, New York Times columnist Michelle Goldberg tweeted that children in her daughter’s school were largely being forced to do the same — and that the vaxxed kids allowed to eat inside weren’t allowed to talk to each other.

Notice what’s also suggested in that paragraph — that vaxxed kids are allowed to eat inside at that school. Does that mean that unvaxxed are eating outside and they’re creating a division based on vaccination status amongst the kids? That’s what it sounds like. And they’re so scared of COVID they wouldn’t even let the kids talk to each other. That’s madness. So they’re putting the kids’ health at risk being out in the cold, and putting their developmental health at risk by separating kids and not allowing them to properly interact with each other.


Goldberg added another piece of the crazy: that they were making kids who were eating inside sit on the floor.

So what does the White House think of keeping kids out in the cold during lunch? According to White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, keeping the kids outside and having silent lunches is just peachy keen to keep them “safe.” Not only is it great, she even celebrates the “creativity” of it all.

“These are steps that schools are taking to keep kids safe, and I think the vast majority of parents appreciate that,” Psaki declared. I’m thinking that Psaki clearly doesn’t understand what most parents think, if she believes that.

Do they ever think or care about anything else apart from COVID and control? The harm that is being done to kids in the interests of all this is likely incalculable at this point.


I have a question for Psaki and it isn’t about what she’s willing to put her child through in the much milder weather in Washington, D.C., it’s what she would put herself or what Biden would put himself through. Are they eating outdoors to avoid COVID? And if not why not, since these are the rules they want to apply to kids who are less likely to get it than adults? You know they’re not, of course, so why are they making kids do it? If they think parents in the Virginia election result were mad, wait until 2022 and the huge wave coming, if they keep on like this.



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