Hillary Clinton's Sad 'Victory' Speech Gets Even More Pathetic With the 'Why' Behind It

Democratic National Convention via AP

We reported yesterday on Hillary Clinton sharing part of the speech that she would have given in 2016, had she won the election, with Willie Geist on NBC.


Sadly, it’s more than five years later but she’s still unable to get over it — and it’s crazy that NBC would give her a venue for this.

But there was a reason that she was doing it, besides trying to emotionally manipulate the audience listening to her. She’s trying to sell that as part of a “Master Class” that she’s doing. It’s part of a whole series of classes taught by different “experts” on a variety of topics, for which you pay $15/month.

Clinton is trying to sell this as part of her class on “The Power of Resilience,” teaching the “skills I developed throughout my career—the challenges, the triumphs, and all the rest” so that she can help you “chart your own path with passion and purpose.” Her reading her speech, still upset after six years was sad. But trying to sell it is even more pathetic.


First of all, who would pay for such a thing? What she’s shown is that despite having all sorts of Democratic power behind her and virtually all the media behind her, she wasn’t able to deal honestly with her loss. She blamed everyone and everything else for her failure. Indeed, she wrote an entire book about it, still trying to trade on her loss. She’s never accepted that she lost fair and square.

She was so sure that she was going to win — indeed, that she was entitled to win — that she couldn’t be bothered to find her way to Wisconsin and then was surprised when she lost the state. She never attributed her loss to all the incredible baggage that she had: namely, that Americans, after decades, knew her very well and didn’t want to elect her President of the United States. So, who would pay for her message of the failure to face reality?

But on top of all that, thank God she lost. Because what we found out afterward was the Clinton team’s involvement in pushing Russian collusion to hurt her opponent which was then spread to the media and the FBI. What she did to try to gain power was unconscionable and caused so much harm to the country. We may never get the justice we deserve for her actions there — we shall see how the Durham investigation continues to unwind — but what the Durham investigation has confirmed what we knew so far and made the Clinton team involvement clearer to those who may not have known. Hillary Clinton talks about “attacks on democracy.” She needs to look at her actions.



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