Report: 'Foreign Policy Advisor' in Sussman Indictment Just Id'd as Big Name in Clinton-Biden World

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Looks like things are getting even more interesting with the new information that just dropped about the Durham probe.

Fox News just named the person referred to as “foreign policy advisor” in the Durham indictment of Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussman. It’s Jake Sullivan, according to their sources.


Sullivan was a senior policy advisor to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign and was her deputy chief of staff when she was Secretary of State. During the Obama Administration, he was Biden’s national security advisor.

Sullivan is also Biden’s present national security advisor.

Sussman was indicted for allegedly lying to the FBI — he told FBI General Counsel James Baker that he wasn’t working for any client when he told the FBI about purported communications between Trump and a Russian bank. But in fact, according to the indictment, he billed the Clinton campaign for that meeting, indicating that in providing the information to the FBI he was doing the work of the campaign. The story about a connection to a Russian bank was, of course, later debunked.

The indictment also details how in September of 2016:

[U]nnamed Clinton campaign lawyer, “exchanged emails with the Clinton Campaign’s campaign manager, communications director, and foreign policy advisor [Jake Sullivan] concerning the Russian Bank-1 allegations that Sussmann had recently shared,” with an unnamed reporter.


Then in October 2016, both Hillary Clinton and Biden’s now national security advisor Jake Sullivan were involved in promoting the phony smear regarding the Alfa Bank.

There is no indication yet that Sullivan is a target, but the information is definitely starting to drop near the top names in the drama now.

Fox then asked White House Deputy Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre about the news since this is now touching a current Biden Administration high official. Jean-Pierre was asked if there was any conflict that would inhibit Sullivan from carrying out his duties. Jean-Pierre basically avoided answering the question, pleading ignorance of the story, “I don’t have a comment for you at this moment. I don’t know anything about what you’’re just mentioning so I have to talk to our team.”


Notice, that isn’t Peter Doocy asking that question. The story is finally getting some interest from the MSM, as indeed it should have long ago. Maybe if it had, the lie wouldn’t have dragged on this long and been so divisive over the years.

We also saw a very significant indictment of Igor Danchenko which showed that one of the sources of the Steele Dossier was tied closely to the Clinton campaign and, further — in an example of funny things that connect — his connections to Fiona Hill who featured in the second Trump impeachment drama.

As the indictments keep dropping now, one has to imagine that this is making some folks in Clinton-land, who thought they were clear of this all, very nervous.


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