Hillary Clinton Takes Being Sad and Pathetic to a New Level

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I regret to inform you that Hillary Clinton is back in the news. Well, at least she’s back for a brief moment, having appeared on the TODAY show this morning.


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As expected, the topic of the 2016 election came up, and what followed was one of the saddest and most peculiar things I’ve ever seen from a politician. For reasons unbeknownst to onlookers everywhere, Hillary took out a portion of her 2016 “victory” speech and read it on-air, fighting back tears in the process.

Here’s what that looked like.

In speaking about her mother in the speech, I don’t doubt that the emotion was real, but the question remains — why is this a thing? Why is the TODAY show even interviewing her five years later? Why is she talking about becoming the first woman president when she didn’t become the first woman president? Why even allow such personal details to be filmed? Really, why are we doing any of this?

I think the answer is simple: Hillary cannot give up her thirst for power and notoriety, and there’s something really pathetic about that.

Here, we have a woman who has more money than she’ll ever be able to spend. She’s still married, at least ostensibly. She has a daughter and multiple grandchildren. She lives in a mansion and could live on a private island if she wanted to. Normal people work their entire lives and never get to live a day like she gets to live. Further, she garnered all that by being a public figure and giving 30-minute speeches, hardly having to lift a finger to become wealthy.


Given all those factors, why keep rubbing in everyone’s face the fact that she didn’t get her way on one, single thing in life. Are we supposed to feel sorry for her that she only got to be fabulously wealthy on the backs of taxpayers? Again, I understand the emotion involving her mother in the speech, but at some point, her constant pity party just becomes obscene. Hillary hit the lottery in life compared to most people. She should act like it instead of seeming so ungrateful.

In short, Hillary Clinton was not elected president and she will never be elected president. It’s long past time she accepts that reality and recognizes that she’s still got far more than most. To keep this “feel sorry for me” act going is insulting at this point. I feel sorry for the single mother who can’t make ends meet. I feel sorry for the man with three kids who just got laid off. I don’t feel sorry for a corrupt-o-crat who got to be filthy rich but was rightfully deprived of being the President of the United States.


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