Terrifying Video: Oxford High Kids Respond to Knock on Door That Could Be School Shooter

AP Photo/Vasha Hunt

Three people were killed and eight people injured during a school shooting at Oxford High School in Oxford Township, Michigan today.

The people killed included two girls, aged 14 and 17 years old, and a 16-year-old boy. One of the eight wounded was a teacher. Two of the wounded required surgery and six were in stable condition.


During the shooting, there were terrifying moments when it was believed that the shooter was going through the school trying to get people to come out of the classrooms. But the students and teachers in the classrooms had been through active shooter training and had barricaded the doors.

In one classroom where students were hiding, the students were unsure if the person knocking on the door was a Sheriff’s deputy or the shooter. The person was knocking telling them to come out that he was “Sheriff’s office, it’s safe to come out.”

One of the students responded, “We’re not willing to take that risk right now.” The voice on the other side said, “Come to the door and look at my badge, bro.”

But when they heard him say “bro” that immediately raised the hackles of these students.

“He said bro, red flag,” one student said.


Then the students spend up the window, climbed out, and ran across the courtyard, where the police were waiting and welcomed them, telling them, “You’re fine.”

The shooter was a 15-year-old who gave himself up to the police. He has lawyered up and isn’t talking, so the police aren’t saying anything about a motive for the shooting at this point. They weren’t aware of any prior issues with the suspect but there had been rumors about something happening at the school and some kids had stayed home concerned about the rumors.

“He has already invoked his right to not speak. He wants an attorney, he is not telling us anything at this point in time,” Oakland County Undersheriff Michael McCabe said. “We believe he acted alone and don’t believe he planned this with anybody else.”



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