Kamala Harris Tells Us How They'll Solve Inflation--by Spending Even More Money

AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

Kamala Harris actually got a terrific question from a reporter, will wonders never cease. She was asked a question about inflation — “the worst in thirty years, way beyond expectations.” The reporter asked how they would keep the Build Back Better bill — if it passed — from driving up inflation still more?


The reporter was right on target with that assessment of inflation and she also had a great point about the bill driving up inflation still more. Biden admitted this week that the stimulus he’d passed had contributed to the rise in prices, even as he still tried to blame Americans for the rise in prices and the supply chain crisis.

You can see Harris sort of pursing her lips, the fact that she doesn’t like that question clear on her face. She then spends about a minute stating the obvious — that inflation harms people. We know that. That’s why we don’t like it. What are you going to do to stop the bad policies you guys are doing that are making it worse?

Get ready for the straight-up lies.

First, Harris claims that they’ve seen a reduction in the backlog of ships because of their moves to have the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach open longer hours. That’s just not true. There are actually more ships now — 110 ships —  than after Joe Biden made his announcement about extending the hours at the ports on October 13. A week after that, they had 88, so it’s actually gotten worse. Not only that, despite what he said, those ports actually haven’t been open and operating 24/7 yet, according to Fox’s Bret Baier show yesterday.


Then Harris makes the Orwellian claim that the massive spending bill was “specifically designed” to bring down costs. So covering child care is going to make up for the massive spending and the effect that is going to have on inflation? It’s already up because of the spending as Biden himself basically admitted. So naturally what they want to do is spend more and make it worse, still. Who does Harris think she’s fooling?

From NY Post:

Fuel-oil prices are up nearly 60 percent; furniture, 13 percent; gas at the pump, 50 percent; eggs 12 percent; used cars, 26.4 percent. Your Thanksgiving turkey may set you back fully twice as much as in 2019. Team Biden is warning Americans to brace for sticker shock on heating costs this winter.

It also means “rising” pay really isn’t: Adjusted for inflation, average weekly earnings are now down 1.6 percent since last year.

Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) said, “The inflation tax is real, and DC can no longer ignore the economic pain Americans feel every day.” But Biden and Harris are trying to do exactly that with the Build Back Better bill.

If that wasn’t enough lies already, she finished off with another. “It’s also important to stress that it’s not going to cost anything,” she claimed. Now, again that’s just false. You might say you will cover the costs in other ways, with other provisions. But that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t cost anything. And it’s certainly going to cost a lot for those who have to pay more in taxes as well as all of us who will get hit with more inflation. Plus, I don’t believe them when they say it’s all going to be paid for. They’re not even honest about the real costs — playing accounting tricks and giving us this bull about it not costing anything.



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