Critics and Media Flip out When Rittenhouse Judge Recognizes Veterans Day

Critics and Media Flip out When Rittenhouse Judge Recognizes Veterans Day
Sean Krajacic/The Kenosha News via AP, Pool

Liberals have already been losing their minds, not only over Kyle Rittenhouse but over the judge in the case, Bruce Schroeder.

They’re disturbed that he’s made some rulings in favor of the defense. Then they’ve also gone off into conspiracy tin-foil hat land after the judge’s ringtone on his phone was alleged to be “God Bless the USA,” the Lee Greenwood tune that President Donald Trump plays at his rally. Apparently, it’s bad and biased to listen to music that appreciates this country.

Then some lost their minds when he made a joke about the Asian food delivery they had for the court being delayed because of the supply chain crisis. That critics twisted into a racist comment when it had nothing to do with race.

They even started a petition to have the judge removed from office. Except — small problem — they directed it to the Illinois State House. The trial and the judge are in Wisconsin.

But then they really went over the edge yesterday when the judge recognized Veterans Day.

Judge Schroeder asked if there were any veterans in the courtroom. The only person who acknowledged being a veteran was a defense witness, the use-of-force expert John Black. The judge then led a round of applause for “people who’ve served our country.” Some clapped, including some of the jurors.

Now, the judge was obviously meaning to recognize anyone who served, it wasn’t meant as something beneficial to the defense. But that didn’t stop the critics and media who went off again, calling it another example of the judge’s bias.

Here’s a sample of how some media played it, claiming the judge was telling the court to applaud for a defense witness, which is a dishonest spin of what went down.

In general, it’s not a good idea to appear to favor any witness so you would want to avoid anything that would seem to do so.

But the same people having a coronary over this recognition of Veterans Day are the same people who seem to have no issue with the impropriety of the prosecution or the ways in which they stepped on the rights of the defendant in this case. They seem not to care about the greater issue — that this was self-defense and this case should never have been brought.

Closing arguments are likely to be Monday, then the case will be given to the jury if the judge doesn’t otherwise act on the motion made by the defense for a mistrial with prejudice.


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