WATCH: Cringeworthy Kamala's Effort for McAuliffe Just Might Make People Vote for Youngkin

WATCH: Cringeworthy Kamala's Effort for McAuliffe Just Might Make People Vote for Youngkin
AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

Terry McAuliffe’s campaign is dying as we approach the finish line, and he’s trying to pull in anyone he can to help him.

Kamala Harris came out to support him yesterday at a rally in Norfolk, Virginia. But instead, all the focus was on the crazy, white supremacist smear that McAuliffe supporters tried to perpetrate against GOP opponent Glenn Youngkin. The Lincoln Project has taken the blame for it, but not everyone is believing that either.

Harris did hit upon something important, however, in her remarks — that what happens in Virginia is going to be considered a bellwether about Joe Biden, as well as a precursor for 2022 and 2024. Now, perhaps that’s harsh because, obviously, there’s more going on here that’s personal to this race. But, there’s no doubt that’s why Joe Biden is so desperate for McAuliffe to win — because the Democrats see it as a judgment on him.

From NY Post:

“What happens in Virginia will in large part determine what happens in 2022, 2024 and on,” Harris said during a 16-minute stump speech.

“You gonna bring this home, right? Yes you are,” Harris told the crowd, warning them that “Tuesday is a critical day that will determine whether we either turn back the clock or move it forward.”

But Kamala being Kamala, she did it with maximum pandering and cringe. How is someone in politics for so long this awkward?

Watch here as she refers to Gov. Ralph ‘Am I blackface or Klan costume’ Northam, as having done a “model” job for Virginia.

I’m thinking that didn’t exactly fire up the crowd with that kind of approach. For a supremely unlikeable candidate, let’s bring out another very unlikeable person! Hey, that’ll do the trick!

Pro tip? If there’s already enthusiasm for you, you don’t have to bring out all these folks to try to whip up the support — it would already be there. Supporters don’t have to be pulling dirty tricks against your opponent to try to pull you across the line and your campaign and other Democrats like Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) don’t have to promote the fake smear.

McAuliffe also had “Happy” singer Pharrell Williams at the rally. Even he sounded less than enthusiastic about McAuliffe and his chances. Here, he says he’s not asking people to “vote for a person.”

Pharrell also referred to McAuliffe as “the former governor and maybe the governor-to-be-again,” when usually at such events you have a definitive statement as to the future.

At this point, Democrats see the writing on the wall; that’s why they’re so desperate. We’re seeing the polls — how good they are for Glenn Youngkin and how bad for McAuliffe — and all the momentum is with Youngkin at this point. I’m also thinking their internal polls are probably showing it’s even worse than the public polls that we’re seeing. So, it’s likely to get interesting over the next couple of days, but it can’t be feeling good in the McAuliffe camp.

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