Rambling Joe Confuses His Own Translator in Awkward Meeting With the Pope

Rambling Joe Confuses His Own Translator in Awkward Meeting With the Pope
Joe Biden meets with Pope Francis at Vatican (Credit: CNN)

Joe Biden was at the Vatican today, meeting with Pope Francis, prior to Biden’s G20 meetings.

But even before the meeting, there was controversy over the coverage of the event. As we reported, the Vatican announced it was canceling the live broadcast it had planned of the meeting.

Jennifer Epstein of Bloomberg also noted that press photographers weren’t allowed in either.

The Vatican said they would provide edited video and pictures after the meeting.

Exactly what were they trying to prevent coverage of? Did Biden’s handlers request it so there wouldn’t be any coverage of possible Biden gaffes during the visit, to be able to control what went out? Now obviously we don’t know so we’re faced with a lot of speculation. But it seems odd to cancel a live broadcast like that.

Here are the official pictures released of the meeting. While the White House described the meeting as “warm” and there were smiles during the meeting, the Pope wasn’t smiling and Biden just looked awful in the official first picture.

CNN had videos which they ran with “Live CNN” on them. The network was live from the Vatican but the video wasn’t actually live. They later seemed to correct that, noting in other video it was “moments ago” at the Vatican.

But even in the video, let’s just say Biden was Biden: rambling and telling weird stories with the Pope looking like he was trying to follow along as best he could with a polite smile. This was the edited version?

Things you probably don’t normally do? Joke about taking the Pope out for drinks. The Pope goes with it and talks about whiskey. Biden gave him some nice gifts including a vestment and a coin.

Then Biden tells him a story about Satchel Paige. Now I think Satchel Paige’s story is a pretty amazing one and he was one of the greatest pitchers ever, even at an advanced age. But I’m not exactly sure what it has to do with meeting the Pope, I think it was a longwinded comment on age. I’m not sure the Pope got it either, he did his best. The translator even had to ask for a clarification about what Biden said at one point because she wasn’t sure.

“How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you were?” Biden said, quoting Paige. Then, Biden told the pope was 65 and he was 60, under those rules. The pope is 84 and Biden is 78.

I have to give it up for the Pope and the translator, they really did their best to hang in there with those long stories.

Now while Biden and the Pope are friendly and have a lot of liberal ideas in common, chief among them believing in vaccine mandates and pushing climate change, they also have one big bone of contention – abortion. While that has earned Biden some ire from some American Catholic bishops, it didn’t stop the Pope from meeting with him. They meet on two other occasions. There’s no indication that that topic came up in the meeting. Indeed, I wonder if the Pope could get a word in edgewise with how Joe rambles. But at least one thing Biden seems to have spared the Pope? Another telling of the Angelo Negri debunked conductor story.

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