Cruz Rips Garland Apart and Mails the Pieces Back to Him in Blistering Exchange

Demetrius Freeman/The Washington Post via AP, Pool

I reported earlier on a list of questions that Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) had for Attorney General Merrick Garland that he needed to answer. It was definitely a barnburner of a list from the demonizing of parents to whether he’s investigating Dr. Anthony Fauci for lying to Congress.


So I promised you we’d have a follow-up after he had the chance to ask those questions at the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing today.

Cruz didn’t disappoint; he went after Garland with a vengeance and just wiped him all over the mat.

Cruz brings up the Loudoun County cover-up situation in which the boy in a skirt who raped a girl at one school was then sent to another school where there was another sexual assault and the superintendent lied publicly about there being any assaults.

The first case has been adjudicated and the boy found guilty, the second case hasn’t been heard yet. Garland claimed that he didn’t know about the cover-up. But Cruz notes the arrest of the father in the first case was used by the NSBA in a letter they wrote to Joe Biden asking for federal action as a sample of “violence” and that Garland based his decision to open a federal effort on the NSBA letter. Now, the NSBA was embarrassed enough to apologize for the letter and they retracted it. But, Cruz said, Garland didn’t have the willingness to do the same.

Cruz then pursued the question if Garland had looked up any of the alleged instances of violence which he was claiming had occurred in order to open up a federal inquiry.


Cruz said of a list Garland had given involving 20 alleged incidents, 15 of those incidents were not violent or threats of violence. Cruz then chastised Garland for characterizing that as a “spike” and a justification for initiating federal action. Cruz then pursued Garland as to whether he did any independent research of the allegations. Garland refused to answer, basically admitting the DOJ didn’t verify the allegations.

Cruz then went after Garland, asking about the potential conflict of interest of his son-in-law running a company involved in teaching Critical Race Theory. A lot of the dissent from parents is coming from those objecting to the teaching in schools of Critical Race Theory. Cruz asked Garland if he had sought an ethics opinion before he issued his memo that could have an impact on the issue of teaching Critical Race Theory in schools.

Garland demonstrated how one shouldn’t answer a question. He claimed that his concern was violence, evading the question of whether actions taken by the DOJ might have an impact on his son-in-law’s business. Translation: No, he never sought an ethics opinion and didn’t care if there was a conflict. “Apparently, ethics are not a terribly high priority in the Biden Justice Department,” Cruz concluded.


Cruz then demanded to know if Garland believed police officers who refused to be vaccinated should be fired. Joe Biden has said yes, they should be. Cities are now having to address the question if they do fire people, based on these mandates, that they could be placing their citizens in danger. In Chicago, 1/3 of the force may be in question for failing to report on their vaccination status or not being vaccinated. If 1/3 of the police officers in Chicago are sidelined or terminated because of this mandate, when Chicago is already strained with crime, it will put citizens at risk.

Garland refused to answer, saying it’s a matter for the state. But apparently, problems of local school boards are not just matters for the local authorities if one applies that logic back against him, as Cruz retorted.

Finally, Cruz asked if Garland was going to open an investigation into Dr. Anthony Fauci for lying to Congress over the funding of gain-of-function research in relation to the Wuhan virus. Cruz points out that the NIH’s own statements now contradict Fauci. “Will you appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Fauci potentially committing a felony here?” Cruz asked.


Garland refused to answer, saying they don’t comment on cases. But as Cruz notes, they had no problem talking about the federal effort into parents and potential “threats.” But we haven’t seen the appointment of one yet, so one has to guess that’s an answer right there.

Cruz ripped him apart and mailed the pieces back to him in epic fashion. He also showed how bankrupt the Biden administration and Garland have been on all these issues.


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