What a Coincidence: NSBA President Gets Named to Position on Biden Administration Board

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We’ve been writing about how the National School Boards Association (NSBA) wrote a letter to Joe Biden calling on him to have the DOJ investigate parents as potential domestic terrorists, even throwing around the Patriot Act in the letter. Attorney General Merrick Garland then issued a memo ordering the FBI to form a task force to look into the ‘threats’ and coordinate with the school boards.


As we reported, emails showed that the NSBA had been coordinating with the White House for weeks before the letter was released. The White House had asked them to list incidents of violence. So basically you had the White House acting in collusion with them to then get Garland to insert the federal government into this to look into parents. Can we talk about how improper this is?

The spit hit the spam and the backlash then came after parents got upset at being called potential domestic terrorists and the effort to use the FBI/federal government against them. Local state school board associations said we didn’t sign aboard this letter and pulled out of the NSBA.

The NSBA then backed off the letter and wrote a new letter, apologizing to their members. They didn’t actually apologize to the parents, however, and so far Garland hasn’t pulled back his decision to have the coordinated investigation.

Here’s your “funny coincidences of the day” story.

Now, I’m sure that this has no deeper meaning, just one of those weird timing things, not indicative of any greater problem.

The Biden Administration just gave a position to the NSBA president who was one of the two people behind the letter, Viola Garcia.

Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona announced her appointment to the National Assessment Governing Board mere days after she released the letter. She started her position on Oct. 1.


From Washington Examiner:

Garcia’s appointment to the board, which oversees the National Assessment of Educational Progress, commonly referred to as the Nation’s Report Card, came two days after the association’s letter was sent to the DOJ on Sept. 29 and generated nationwide controversy and just before Attorney General Merrick Garland set up the task force on Oct. 4.

The governing board comprises 26 bipartisan members and is tasked with establishing the nation’s report card criteria, including selecting the assessed subjects and assessment content, as well as setting achievement levels for student performance.

So it sounds to me like Congress needs to talk not just to Garland but to the folks in the White House, as well as Garcia and the CEO of the NSBA to ask more questions about those interactions with the White House and if funny coincidences had anything to do with anything.


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