Kamala's Secret Trip: Reporters Banned From Covering Departure

AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

There’s been a lot of drama this week with the battle over the Biden legislative agenda.

There’s also been the continuing border crisis.

Where’s Kamala Harris been on these issues? Seemingly missing in action.


She did manage to dig herself a bigger hole this week, when she told a student that said Israel was behind ethnic genocide that “no one can silence your truth.” There is only the truth, not “your truth.” Israel isn’t behind “ethnic genocide” and Harris kicked up a storm with our allies in saying that. Her people had to try to smooth it all out, with the disturbance it caused. But that’s Kamala. While we are obviously focused a lot on Joe Biden, Kamala Harris similarly is constantly putting her foot in her mouth. She’s even had to hire a crisis communications person now.

But she raised some more eyebrows on Friday, when she took a mysterious trip out of town to the Palm Springs, California — the well-known resort area.

Neither the White House or Harris’ office would explain why she was going to Palm Springs; all they said was that she would remain overnight and return today. She didn’t have any public events scheduled for the trip. According to the Washington Times, local officials said they weren’t expected to meet with her; so it wasn’t connected to any local Democratic activity, it would appear.

Police were out in force to cover her arrival at the airport there. She arrived just after 7 p.m. yesterday.


In another bit of non-transparent oddity, reporters weren’t even allowed to watch her departure from Joint Base Andrews in Maryland, which makes me wonder if there was someone going with her that they didn’t want anyone to see. Otherwise, why not let the reporters cover her departure? Either that or there was something going on with her that they didn’t want people to see that may have been visible. So what or who was it they were trying to hide there?

Her husband, Doug Emhoff, is in Virginia campaigning for Terry McAuliffe, so he didn’t go with her.

While Harris only had a lay-over at the border when she’s supposed to be working on the border crisis, she’s made several trips home to California — including to campaign on behalf of California Gov. Gavin Newsom during his anti-recall campaign.

The fact that she took off was another indication that there weren’t going to be any critical Senate votes in that period, since she would be needed to break a tie in that event. It’s also an indication that she takes climate change very seriously, when she takes a plane for an overnight which is not — apparently — a declarable work-related trip.



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