WATCH: Anti-Mandate Protesters Storm Food Court Requiring Vaccination in Staten Island, NY

Anti-mandate protest, Staten Island Mall in New York. Credit: Freedom News.TV

We often think of New York as a deeply blue state, and there’s no doubt that it is.

But it’s deeply blue in the city. In other areas, such as upstate New York and Staten Island, not so much. If there is a place that at least has a lot of “red” hints, it might be Staten Island.


Despite the liberal nature of the city, some of the largest and most vocal protests against vaccine mandates have been going on there, as we have reported here and here.

Yesterday, there was another protest trying to make a big point in Staten Island. New York City has a vaccination mandate for indoor restaurants that went into effect on September 13.

But dozens of protesters went into the Staten Island Mall yesterday, to the food court, where there were big signs saying that people had to be vaccinated before entering. They entered the food court despite the signs. The protesters weren’t stopped or asked to show any proof of vaccination. The mall management just seemed to allow it. Other media falsely interpreted the video from Freedom News, claiming that the protesters “broke through” security — which Freedom News said didn’t happen.

From NY Post:

“Everybody, go get food and eat — that is what we’re here to do,” a female protester says during the clips. “We’re going to meet over there and go into the food court area and sit our butts down and stay as long as we like!”

Ironically, they aren’t required to be vaccinated to go into the mall, just to sit down and eat at the mall food court. So apparently, the virus only spreads in the food court and not anywhere else in the mall, by this logic.

The protesters ordered food, chanted “USA, USA,””F**k Joe Biden,” “Libertad,” and “My body, my choice,” among other things. They also said the Pledge of Allegiance and made clear that they were not anti-vaccine, just anti-mandate.


Freedom News had videos of the event.

Warning for graphic language:

Looks like they have joined the other groups not being shy about letting Joe Biden know how they feel with that chant. Even in New York, these policies are going to get pushback, which shows you, ultimately, how much trouble they are buying for themselves with this approach.


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