Yikes: Two Afghan Evacuees Indicted in Horrible Crimes, Including Against a Child

Bahrullah Noori (l) and Mohammad Haroon Imaad (r). Credit: Dane County Sheriff

We’ve been told a lot of lies and nonsense about the Afghanistan debacle by Joe Biden and his administration. Now some of those lies are coming back to bite us.


One of the lies was about how all the evacuees were thoroughly vetted before they came to the United States. “Before anyone who is evacuated from Afghanistan comes to this country, they undergo a rigorous vet,” State Department spokesperson Ned Price told reporters.

We already found out how wrong that was with the first 30,000 evacuees brought to this country. About 10,000 needed “additional screening.” If they were “thoroughly vetted,” why would they need additional screening on such a massive scale?

Also, 100 of the people evacuated to the United States even have ties to terrorists, including the Taliban or other terrorist groups. Two of the flagged people have caused such concerns now, that they are being sent to Kosovo for further review because of the security concerns.

They even shipped in someone who had previously been convicted of rape, but fortunately, he was flagged when he got to this country.

Additionally, there were all kinds of questions about who they actually brought here.

The Biden administration left thousands of SIVs and people who worked for the United States behind. DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas finally confessed during a hearing on Tuesday that only about three percent, or 1,800, of the 60,000 Afghan evacuees who have been brought to the United States were SIVs. Seven percent were U.S. citizens and six percent are lawful permanent residents.


“The balance of that population are individuals whose applications have not yet been processed for approval who may qualify as SIVs and have not yet applied, who qualify, or would qualify, I should say, as P1 or P2 refugees who have been employed by the United States government in Afghanistan and are otherwise vulnerable Afghan nationals, such as journalists, human rights advocates, etc.,” he explained during the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Government Affairs hearing.

That’s the problem right there — notice that Mayorkas lumped everyone in together and still doesn’t do a breakdown of the people to whom we owe an obligation as opposed to the “vulnerable” to whom we did not and who may have had no relation at all to the United States.

Unfortunately, we now have more news that raises further questions about how “thoroughly vetted” the evacuees were.

Two Afghan evacuees who are staying at Fort McCoy in Wisconsin were indicted on Wednesday — one for sex crimes with a minor while using force and another for assault on his wife. They’re committing crimes before they even get off the base officially.


From Madison.com:

Bahrullah Noori, 20, is facing three counts of engaging in sexual acts with a minor, including one allegedly involving the use of force. He also is charged with a fourth count of attempting to engage in such acts with a minor while using force. The alleged victims were at least four years younger than Noori, and had not yet reached the age of 16.

The other man, Mohammad Haroon Imaad, 32, was charged with assault for allegedly choking and trying to suffocate his wife.

So once again, how well did anyone vet these folks, and were they part of the “vulnerable” subset? How many more evacuees are we going to find had issues? Meanwhile, we left thousands to whom we did have an obligation including Americans like those still stuck in the hostage situation in Mazar-i-Sharif. Where is the action to get them out?



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