Yikes: Big Problems With Some of the Afghan Evacuees Biden Got Out

Yikes: Big Problems With Some of the Afghan Evacuees Biden Got Out
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It’s despicable that Joe Biden left Americans and Afghan allies behind enemy lines in Afghanistan. People, including this site, have been screaming at him for months to get the folks who helped America out of the country.

Because, in addition to Americans, Biden left thousands of Afghan interpreters, SIVs, and other allies. He even left the interpreter who saved him in 2008, who is now begging for help to get him and his family out.

They had a lot of time to get people out in an orderly fashion. But, they didn’t even try.

Instead, they made a mad dash at the end, and even then, left people.

The Biden team kept bragging that they got a lot of people out – some 124,000 people at the end. So, if the Americans and the SIVs were only a very small number of those folks, who did they get out?

Some of that number might be people who helped out, but for whatever reason didn’t qualify for an SIV. The SIVs would be the most vetted people.

But apparently, a large number may also have come simply under the DHS head’s “parole” ability — that they are just accepted for “humanitarian reasons” — meaning, they didn’t even have to have helped the U.S. at all.

That wasn’t what they were representing to the American people about who they were getting out. They still haven’t clarified how many came because they earned it, and how many came under this rubric, to pump up the numbers (even if it wasn’t the people they were supposed to be getting out).

Moreover, despite the claim of the Biden administration that they vetted everyone, as we noted already, obviously not all of them were vetted — since they let a convicted rapist through and into the United States before he was flagged.

Now, there’s more news on how bad that lack of vetting was.

Of the 30,000 brought to the U.S., about 10,000 need “additional screening.” Oh.

“Before anyone who is evacuated from Afghanistan comes to this country, they undergo a rigorous vet,” State Department spokesperson Ned Price told reporters. Apparently, that was just a lie. Because if they had been, they wouldn’t need the “additional screening.”

Also, 100 of the people evacuated to the United States even have ties to the terrorists, including the Taliban or other terrorist groups. Two of the flagged people have caused such concerns now, that they are being sent to Kosovo for further review because of the security concerns.

Here we are, yet again, dealing with more incompetence from this administration. So, instead of bringing in the people who deserved to come and to whom we owed an obligation, we may have evacuated the enemy. Thanks a lot, Joe! What was that he was saying about how successful this all was?

“A lot of people were moved very quickly and the intelligence community has been working hard to evaluate whether any of them pose a threat,” said a senior federal law enforcement official, according to the report. “Some of the vetting occurs while they are overseas, and some of it occurs here … We are not going to allow people to intentionally be released into the community if they have unresolved derogatory information.” [….]

“The Department of Homeland Security is now deciding what to do with the individuals,” the report read.

Listen to another word game from Ned Price.

“I think the fact that we will have evacuated tens of thousands of at-risk Afghans — the vast majority of the 124,000 individuals will fall into this category — I think speaks to our ability to keep our commitment to the individuals who have worked with us,” Price said.

We were supposed to be getting out people who helped us, not just “at-risk Afghans” — that term could apply to millions of people, given the nature of the Taliban.

This administration has to be held to account for a breakdown on all these folks — and who actually qualified here to come.

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