WATCH: Man Follows Woman Around Target, Harassing Her for Not Wearing a Mask

I wrote earlier about CNN’s Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo taking up the Biden talking points, calling people who were unvaccinated “stupid” and advocating they be shamed.


This is incredibly hateful and divisive, in an environment where many on the left have already been whipped up by the fear porn about COVID. This only whips up more and makes crazy people think they have license to go after people.

Like this crazy video of a man, who is wearing a mask and a sticker that says he’s been vaccinated, following an unmasked woman, who says she has natural immunity, around a Target. He follows her around the store and tries to shame her, pointing at her like the aliens out of the Invasion of the Body Snatchers, as though encouraging people to get her. He says there’s a “state regulation” which she correctly states would not necessarily be a law (i.e. something passed by a legislative body of representatives of the people).

Several people, who are wearing masks, try to intercede. They tell him to stop harassing her, to leave her alone. They tell him he’s vaccinated, (essentially then so why are you so concerned). He tells her, “You’re making a bad decision, you’re a bad American.” No, she’s a great American, because she understands the basic concepts of freedom inherent in being an American. He doesn’t. He wants to impose his will on her, regardless of what she wants, regardless of her immunity or the facts of her situation. She sarcastically responds, “Yeah, I totally am.” “And I voted for Trump,” she said defiantly, which other people in the store cheered. Another person came to her defense, saying that her mother was vaccinated and still ended up in the hospital. “It’s her choice,” the other woman said.


You can see a store employee intervene at one point, stop the man from continuing to follow the woman as she gets on the checkout line. And he still wants to push past him and go after the woman.

If the man thinks the woman not wearing a mask is so dangerous, why is he following her around the store? It doesn’t even make sense. It’s all, again, about virtue-signaling and imposing control.

How does anyone think that acting as this man is acting is normal or appropriate behavior? But it’s the words from people like Biden, Lemon, and Cuomo that give cover to this kind of lunacy that we keep seeing from such crazy people.



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