GOP Rep Reveals Grave National Security Concerns About Unvetted Afghan Evacuees Leaving US Army Bases

One of the things that has been concerning about the way that the Biden team conducted evacuations from Afghanistan is who they actually got out when they were supposed to be evacuating Americans, SIV holders, and other Afghans who helped the United States during the war who were now at risk of being killed by the Taliban.


The Biden team has yet to provide any kind of a breakdown beyond the number of Americans, approximately 6,000, among the 124,000 people they got out. There’s been no breakdown of the number of SIVs, those who helped the U.S., or who might have come in under “parole” — that is the DHS secretary’s decision basically to take people for humanitarian reasons. According to one estimate, some 80,000 SIVs were left behind. The SIVs are the most vetted people. Everyone else — who knows what kind of vetting they’ve had? It is unreal that the Biden team doesn’t have that breakdown since that was the reason that they were supposed to be getting people out, not just taking people who showed up at the airport.

As NORTHCOM commander Gen. Glen Van Herck, who is responsible for the eight “cities” on military bases where approximately 25,600 Afghan evacuees are being held, speculated, “the vast majority are not SIVs at this time; they’re asylum-seekers that will be determined how we’re going to work them.” He says they’re going to ultimately have 50,000 on the bases.

The Biden team had previously claimed that no one would be allowed to come to the U.S. without being fully vetted. After saying that, they then had to admit that 10,000 already brought here would need additional screening. Also, 100 of the people evacuated to the United States even have ties to terrorists, including the Taliban or other terrorist groups. Two of the flagged people have caused such concerns now, that they were sent to Kosovo for further review because of security concerns.


Translation? You have thousands of not fully vetted people — who weren’t even necessarily people who helped the United States —  on these bases in this country.

According to Fox, Rep. Mark Green (R-TN), a veteran who served in Afghanistan, expressed a lot of concern about this situation on Laura Ingraham’s show last night, explaining that he sent a letter to Secretary of State Antony Blinken after he received information from a source that Afghans being held at a Virginia military base, Fort Pickett, had “free rein” of the army base and were even leaving using ride-sharing apps like Uber without anyone stopping them, despite not being fully vetted. He also said that the military had no authority to “arrest or stop” anyone from leaving. He demanded answers from Blinken, stating that this obviously posed a concerning national security risk.

Green said this problem wasn’t only at Fort Pickett and this wasn’t the fault of the military.

“[T]he State Department is failing to give [the Pentagon] adequate information… They don’t know exactly how many [evacuees] are even there. So they can’t account for someone if they don’t return,” he said.

“And they are telling the people if you go and you don’t come back, that will end your Visa processing. If they want free, they are gone. There is nobody keeping them from leaving.”


Green said the State Department didn’t seem to care that there might be Taliban among the other people.

“We don’t have biometrics on a good portion of these people and we can’t really get information from State because they won’t provide names…. This State Department is a complete failure.”

“We have no way of knowing who they are and we’ve had talks with people who are saying they know Taliban is in some of these flights. So this is one of the greatest security risks this nation has ever had and this president and this State Department don’t seem to care,” he concluded.

The State Department then refused to comment on this to Fox, which is consistent with their complete lack of transparency on the whole issue.


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