Biden Voters Have a Big Message for Him and He's Not Going to Like It

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A lot of folks are regretting their Joe Biden votes, if they are at all honest, particularly after the Afghanistan withdrawal debacle.


So exactly how many Americans are regretting their votes for Biden at this point?

According to a new Zogby Poll, it’s a pretty significant number running in the millions — 20 percent regret their vote. Maybe it’s just me but I’m betting it’s probably more than that. 20 percent is just the people honest enough to admit it. But there’s likely a whole raft of folks that just don’t want to acknowledge they were wrong. According to the Washington Examiner, “21% of Democrats expressed regret, as did 29% of his Republican voters. The overall hit to Biden was tempered by independents, of which just 14% said they wanted their vote back.”

Zogby explained how significant that number was when you consider how many districts turned on slim margins in 2016 and 2020.

“If you take into consideration the size of the electorate, and how the last two presidential elections (2016 and 2020) were decided by tens of thousands of votes in a handful of battleground states, this could really hurt President Biden’s chances in 2024,” Zogby concluded.


Plus it now raises a big question about his “base” and if they would be there, come 2024.

While women and older voters have fewer regrets about their vote for him, younger and urban voters, as well as black and Hispanic people, were more regretful.

“Men (27% yes/70% no/3% not sure) were twice as likely to regret voting for Joe Biden than women (13% yes/82% no/5% not sure). Ethnicity also factored in how much voters expressed regret about voting for Biden: Hispanics (33% yes/63% no/4% not sure) and African Americans (25% yes/70% no/5% not sure) were more likely than white voters (16% yes/80% no/4% not sure) to regret voting for Biden,” read Zogby’s analysis.

“Where voters lived was also of significance when it came to whether voters’ regretted voting for President Biden. Urban voters (28% yes/67% no/4% not sure) were twice as likely to regret voting for Biden than suburban (14% yes/83% no/4%not sure) and rural voters (12% yes/86% no/3%not sure),” he added.

This is on top of Biden’s cratering approval polls, with many polls having him underwater, as I previously reported. Rasmussen had 52% wanting him to resign. Even worse they had 60% who were for impeachment. Today, we even had for the first time, a poll with 51% disapproval from NPR.


Can he climb back out from under that? This is a pretty hard debacle to forget, especially when it directly cost American lives and with Americans still out there in danger. On top of that, the issues with the economy and COVID continue. Unfortunately, we’re still only seven months into this disaster that is Joe Biden and there is likely a lot of bad stuff still to come.


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