Reports of Americans, Allies Still Trapped: Some Say Denied Entry to Kabul Airport by US

AP Photo/Rahmat Gul

We’re now up against the withdrawal date, with reports still of Americans and Afghan allies unable to get into the airport.

This morning, Pentagon spokesperson John Kirby was unable to say how many Americans were left.


While they claimed 122,000 people had been evacuated, again, all they would say was that 5,400 of those were Americans; they have refused to say how many were SIV holders among the Afghans. So who did they take and why? Did they just take refugees to stuff the planes to make it look like they were getting people out? Because it sure looks like they were leaving the people who were supposed to get out behind, as this reporter pointed out.

But there are Americans still desperate to get out. Retired Green Beret commander Scott Mann spoke of a bus with about 50 people who were Americans including a lot of kids. They were right outside the airport but were unable to get in because of the Taliban.

That was this group:


There was also an American family in contact with Rep. Andy Kim (D-NJ) who said they had tried multiple times to get into the airport but had been unable to get in. Kim said he asked the State Department for whatever emergency number they had for this situation to help people trying to get in. They told him there was no such number.

That’s shocking after everything they have said at this point. Although I guess, given it’s the Biden team, no, it isn’t shocking. Kim did say the State Department did get in contact with the family, but it’s not clear their status at this moment.

Charge d’Affaires Ross Wilson denied that Americans were being denied entry to the airport by the State Department but there are multiple reports about the State Department not letting people in, including among members of Congress who the people were contacting.


Retired Navy Aviator Brett Odom told Fox that Wilson’s statement was untrue.

“Well, as of about 3:00 Eastern time this morning it was definitely false,” [….]

“I have a family of four that were outside the gate. We were networking furiously. Every channel that we knew, some with folks had channels into Centcom and other operations. And these folks were not allowed in the base. The base is shut down. So there is Americans who are being left behind.”


Here’s Heather Nauert, former spokesperson for the Trump State Department, telling Wilson what he’s saying is simply untrue.

There are also American University students/alumni who waited on buses yesterday to go to the airport when they were told there were no more flights.


At this point, it’s a complete mess, but reports indicate at least hundreds of people still left.


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