That's It: All Planes Out of Afghanistan, Gen. McKenzie Admits Americans Were Left, Praises the Taliban

That’s it: we are now officially out of Afghanistan.


Gen. Frank McKenzie just gave a briefing admitting the U.S. military has pulled everyone out.

“Vast majority” of Americans gotten out = we left a number of people, we don’t even have any idea how many.

No civilian Americans came out in the final five planes, he revealed.

“We were not able to bring any Americans out… none of them made it to the airport and were able to be accommodated.” Again, hundreds of Americans and allies did make it to the airport over the last couple of days, but were not allowed in. That’s shameful and now they’re trapped and McKenzie admitted it, trying to downplay it as “very few hundreds” left.


Joe Biden said they were going to stay until they got everyone out. We knew that was a lie at the time. He knew it was a lie at the time. Well, here it is, and yes, it’s a lie.

He kept his word to the Taliban to get out by their date of August 31. He didn’t keep his word to the American people to get Americans out.

McKenzie said now comes the “diplomatic” effort to get them out.

Do we call that the hostage taking? The negotiating with terrorists time? The bribing the Taliban with pallets of cash so they can commit more terrorism time? In the meantime, what happens to our people? Not to mention the poor Afghan allies who are now stuck too.

But hey, at least he praised the Taliban on the way out, saying that they were helpful, as well as pragmatic and business-like.


Unfortunately, what comes next will be the stories of the people trapped. Plus, how Joe Biden and this horrible withdrawal allowed terrorism to take over the country again. Because sure as God made little green apples we are going to have to deal with all the disaster that Biden has left in the future since there is now an effective terrorist state – the very thing that we were supposed to be there to help prevent.



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