Americans Last: Dem Calls Kabul a 'Disaster,' Biden Team Proves It by the Numbers

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Reporters have been doing a pretty good job of trying to wring the truth out of the Biden administration. Granted it’s a tough job, given all the lies. But finally, a lot of the media seem to have shown up, with many asking good and probing questions, beyond just Fox’s Peter Doocy.


One reporter tried to get to the answer of how many Americans were evacuated as White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was bragging about that they’d gotten out some 105,000 people. The reporter cited Rep. Seth Moulton (D-MA) who went to the airport to conduct oversight and said that the Biden people had no plan to get anyone out past August 31, calling it a “f**king disaster.”

So how many Americans was that again? And she never answered if there was a plan past August 31. Assuming the numbers she’s saying today are correct, that means of the 105,000 people they claim to have evacuated, only 5400 were Americans, a little over five percent of the evacuees.

After numbers ranging from over 10,000 to up to 40,000 estimated Americans, the Biden team seemed to settle on the number of 6,000 Americans, claiming that’s the number they need to get out. That way they can claim they were actually successful. Except there will still be thousands stuck in Afghanistan. All their prior suggestions indicated that there were far more people.


So how many of the 105,000 people were SIV holders — the people who were also supposed to be getting high priority? The State Department can’t even say.

How can they even begin to pretend they are competent when they can’t even answer these basic questions which are supposed to be the whole point of the evacuation?

Catherine Herridge is reporting that 7000 SIVs are being processed in the U.S. but it’s not clear if those include people gotten out prior to the fall of the country. That number likely includes families and is not just SIVs.

So who the heck are the 105,000 people? Price admits they’re trying to get people on the planes. To hype the numbers? Were these refugees or actual endangered allies?


It could be that some are allies who for whatever reason didn’t qualify for the SIV but still worked for/with the U.S. But the other problem is, a ton of regular Afghans were also just showing up at the airport. So if they can’t say how many are SIVs/worked for America, then what are they doing here? Isn’t that supposed to be the main point, after getting Americans out?

But instead, it looks like the SIVs are next to last, with the Americans being last, by the numbers.



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