Can Blinken's New Number of Americans Who Remain in Afghanistan Be Believed?

AP Photo/Alex Brandon, Pool

How is the Biden team going to clean up leaving Kabul by August 31 with thousands of Americans and allies still on the ground and at the mercy of the Taliban?

Scale the number down.

Suddenly, after telling us for days that they really don’t know the number of Americans and estimating higher numbers, plus failing to say how many Americans were actually going out on the flights, Secretary of State Antony Blinken is talking real numbers and saying they only really need to get out from 500 to 1500 more.

That even has the Daily Beast’s Justin Baragona questioning that new number.

Given the fact that they’ve lied over and over again during this catastrophe, is this scaled-down number even a real number?

Earlier today, a State Department source said the number remaining was 4100.

But then they later pulled that number back and said that Blinken would speak about the accurate number.

Bottom line? They have no idea, the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing. They just know they aren’t “stranded,” and they’re going to create an achievable number so they can say they got out everyone “who wanted to get out.” Then they’ll blame anyone left saying they didn’t get back to them and declare it all a “success.” Of course, the problem will be the stories that will them come out of what happens to the Americans left behind. There’s no indication that they’ve made serious efforts to get to the people outside of Kabul either.

This, of course, doesn’t even begin to address the thousands of allies and their families who are still stranded, as well. Apparently, they didn’t even evacuate the local embassy staff yet.