DoD Reveal Their Own Ignorance in Embarrassing Tweet About Kabul Evacuation

AP Photo/Rahmat Gul

The Pentagon is saying they are extracting a lot of people from Kabul airport now.

But one of the big problems is that they are not identifying the exact number of Americans and SIV vetted Afghans that they are getting out. That raises the question: Are they getting out Afghans who aren’t SIVs in order to pump up the numbers when they aren’t being specific?


They refuse to answer the specific question about how many Americans they’ve gotten out, simply saying the number is “fluid.” Every number they are giving is fluid, yet they’re giving other numbers, so you know there’s another reason — that the number is low. As we reported, a leaked cable indicated it may still only be 4,407 Americans who they’ve gotten out when the number of those in the country are at least 15,000 and some 40,000 by another estimate.

Bottom line: because Joe Biden and his team have lied so much about this and are refusing to tell us the truth, it’s hard to believe what they are saying anymore.

We’ve heard so many lies from them. But today, there was a good example in living color of just how ridiculous their lies can be. They’re so intent on trying to tell us that they are getting a lot of people out of the airport now, they told a whopper from the official Department of Defense Twitter account.


Nice, right? Good job. Except it’s not quite true. That’s not even an American C-17. It’s one from the United Arab Emirates. How does the military not even know its own planes? Or even just read the side of the plane? This does not exactly give us a lot of reassurance when they are doing things like this.



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