Tucker: 'Something Else Is Going on Here' With CNN Leveling Biden Over Afghanistan

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There’s been a lot to report on when it comes to Afghanistan.

But one interesting thing is how suddenly, a lot of the media seems to have finally tossed off the veil and is reporting honestly on Joe Biden and his incompetence. Indeed, some of the best coverage has come from CNN, with everyone from Clarissa Ward to Jake Tapper actually providing some serious journalism on the subject — asking good, probing questions of the Biden team.


It’s almost like seeing CNN back to what it used to be, when it was once a real news network covering international events. Unfortunately, Clarissa Ward, who was providing some good coverage on the ground, has now left the country on one of the flights out of the airport.

But, it’s also prompting some to wonder why the huge switch at this point, after they’ve invested so much time into promoting him, covering for him, and basically acting like Democratic operatives?

Tucker Carlson addressed the question on his show last night, about CNN pointing out how Biden has failed.

From Fox News:

“So, Joe Biden failed. And he’s lying about it. That’s what CNN said. It’s hard to overstate the significance of that. CNN is not a news network. It’s a political organization. Its anchors and reporters don’t decide for themselves what to say on camera. They’re told, in highly specific terms, every weekday morning on a call with their commander, Jeff Zucker. There is no intellectual freelancing at CNN. ‘Here’s what I think.’ No. It’s a united front — a single hymnal for the entire congregation. When CNN changes its position on something, it changes as one — everybody, from the chirpy morning dingbats to Don L’Mon on the night shift. They say precisely what they’re told to say.”


He notes Brianna Keilar, who’s been an avid advocate of Biden, was suddenly cutting him to the quick.

“What is going on here? These are literally the people who got Joe Biden elected. He wouldn’t be president without these people. Now, just seven months in, they’re telling you he has failed personally? It does not make sense.”

There are all kinds of disasters that Biden has set in motion right here at home, including the border to the disastrous handling of COVID to rising inflation. They didn’t seem to care enough about any of that to throw their rampant promotion of him under the bus. Indeed, they only spun more.

“Something else is going on here. We don’t know what it is, exactly, but it’s pretty obvious,” Carlson said.

Tucker then had Glenn Greenwald on to speculate on what it was really all about.

Greenwald said he believes basically that the media isn’t really owned by the Democrats but by the military-industrial complex, and they didn’t really want to withdraw.

But what’s also interesting is they note how the Biden team gets that Biden has cognitive decline issues — you could see it when Kamala Harris and Secretary of State Antony Blinken were standing behind him during his remarks yesterday.


They didn’t want to be there, but now, this is who the Democrats have stuck us all with.


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